All You Need To Start Fishing



I loved spending time with my grandpa as a kid but one thing that took me time to understand was how he enjoyed spending hours by the pondside all in the quest of fishing.

On one of his numerous fishing escapades, I asked “Grandpa, what fun is there in fishing?”. He proceeded to explain how people experience different fun from fishing.

Maybe I didn’t understand all he said on that day but now I know better and if you are a beginner (Like I was) you will find out how fishing is fun and how you can get started without difficulty.

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Like I earlier stated, fishing is fun, not just because of the excitement of having your lure catch a big or bigger fish after hours of waiting but because of other reasons which include:

  1. Fishing creates the opportunity to bond with your loved ones: Being on the water offers the opportunity to connect with your friends in peace. How many times have you tried conversing with a friend without interruptions from your kids or wife?. This goes to say fishing is a perfect way to help strengthen bonds and relationships with friends and family. It also presents the opportunity to make new friends with people with whom you may be unfamiliar.

If you are a leader, maybe at work, school, or a community

Organizing a fishing expedition is perfect to create social bonding among your students or peers.

  1. Fishing is a cheap way to put food on the table: While many don’t approach fishing with a do-or-die attitude, it still affords you the opportunity to catch fish for free and save money if your lure captures a fish.
  2. Fishing teaches patience: Angeles learns a ton of lessons while fishing. You will have a better understanding of various fish species and how they behave through fishing. Beyond these, another priceless lesson you will learn is patience because there will be days when you will wait hours before catching a fish, you may end up not catching any fish at all on certain days.

Now that you have an understanding of how fishing is an amazing and fun activity. I need you to dispel the notion of “fishing is expensive”. Fishing, in fact, is one of the cheapest activities from which you can derive fun.

In some cases, all you need is a hook, line and sinker. In the ensuing paragraphs, I will share the tools you may consider buying if you are ready to join the anglers club.

  1. Rod and Reel: Each fishing style has specific rods and reels designed for that purpose but the most important thing for first-timers or beginners is to keep it simple. Consider choosing a rod and reel combination that can be used for both bait fishing and lure fishing.
  2. Castable Fish Finder: Imagine you are at a pond or river and have spent hours without catching just one fish. Sounds frustrating right? This may be due to one reason you didn’t consider in your wildest dream  — fishes aren’t in that location. Now imagine if you could see underwater and know for certain that fish are in the area. That’s what sonar devices can do for you. These affordable devices will ease fishing for you as an angler.
  3. Fishing line: Fishing line is another essential tool, it is available in different diameters and materials. However, don’t be overwhelmed by the available choices, just pick the stronger line you can find.

Other tools you need include tackle, live bait, and lure. With this, I h wish you a merry journey as you become an angler!