Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring Dedicated Software Development Team    

Software Development

Software Development

It is very hard, perhaps even impossible to think of the technologies that rule the world. All aspects of life including medicine, education, transport, trade, etc. are closely connected with the use of modern electronic technologies.

Computers have become so ingrained in our lives that they have become an integral and very important part of it. In turn, the software is an important part of personal computers.

With the development of technology, our world is rapidly migrating to the WORLD of online life

Without understanding the importance of software development, it makes no sense to talk about increasing the competitiveness of business and raising it to new stages of development. Software is a set of documents and/or programs that use a personal computer to solve problems and goals.

The system, application, tool are all types of software, due to the different tasks set by developers to achieve the end result.


  • Needs and requirements analysis
  • Model design
  • Programming
  • Testing and debugging
  • Technical support

The stages of the software life cycle may contain more items, depending on the tasks drawn for the performer.

Sooner or later, every dedicated software development company is faced with the need to turn to outsource specialists for software development or improvement. The cost of these services, or the software development total cost, becomes important at this stage. Usually, it depends more on the amount of time spent by developers. It is impossible to predict in advance the cost of developer services. The customer company sends the developer a description of the idea as it sees it. The next step is to bring the free description of the customer’s wishes into a formalized task for employees of the developer. Only then you can understand all the necessary technical steps to implement the original idea. At this stage it is very important to understand all the nuances, it is very important to detail the requirements of the customer. This will further determine the quality of work performed by the developer. Without immersion in the subject of the customer to perform quality work is impossible. That is why some modern companies do not prefer software development to a third-party software company, but rather to a more expensive and costly option – keeping full-time software developers.

However, ordering third-party software is a common and effective way. Due to innovative projects, business ideas, the preliminary calculation of the cost of software development is impossible. This is due to the fact that at the stage of development to predict the optimal price of software is an unrealistic task.

This is why one of the disadvantages of ordering software development is its unpredictable or unjustified cost. Therefore, many companies successfully use ready-made programs and services that perform typical tasks that ensure the functioning of the business without the need for individual software development.


And what about those whose processes do not fit into the understanding of “typical”, those who need to solve unique business problems, those who want to be the first and unique ?!

It is clear that it will be difficult to stand out in the market if you have everything as a “neighbor” and the “average market”. Yes, using standard software at a certain stage of business development is even useful because it optimizes costs. However, if you want to be a leader in your field, you want to be the first among the competitors, you will have to include third-party developers in your project. Here we want to recommend using development services by Stfalcon.

Summing everything up, the customer must determine for themselves the feasibility of ordering software from a third-party company. In the same case, if you decide to develop software, you should contact the customer company, which has already established itself in the market and has a good reputation and customer feedback.

Only in this case, you are guaranteed to get:

  • weighted cost of ordered services;
  • clear deadlines agreed with the schedule;
  • clear technical task;
  • product with the necessary accompanying user documentation;
  • product with the documentation necessary for further product improvement;
  • technical support and training.