Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro License Key Giveaway

Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro License Key Giveaway

Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro License Key Giveaway

Advanced SystemCare 15 is the software to optimize Windows 11/10/8/7 PCs and make them immediately responsive and increase privacy and security.

PCs slow down over time for several reasons of junk files, caches, malicious software, and leftovers. Therefore, if you are not an advanced user, you will necessarily have to resort to the use of third-party PC cleaner software such as the excellent one of IObit.

Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro license key giveaway

The app giveaways the license key to the first 500 users. Download the latest app, copy and paste the key, click “Register Now” and you will get the freebie.

Download the app:

License key: 6A019-20A7F-D09EC-CD02N

Advanced SystemCare 15 review

There is no user of PCs and notebooks who is not aware of the slowdown that their machine undergoes over time. If the specifications are mid-range, things get even more complicated.

There are several ways to speed up old or new PCs, but they are not always known, or not everyone is advised to get their hands on log files or the like because it could make the computer unusable.

To prevent this from happening, you need to turn to software suitable for the purpose, and Advanced SystemCare 15 is best for beginners and anyone who wants to optimize, keep safe, and speed up their PC or notebook.

Advanced SystemCare 15 can speed up your Windows PC by optimizing different environments.

Main features of the software:

  • Scanning and cleaning of junk files
  • Turbo Boost
  • AI Mode
  • Startup optimization
  • Optimization of the boot process
  • Basic security
  • Firewall Protection
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Anti-tracking
  • Basic disk optimization
  • Repair tool
  • Software Health
  • Basic data recovery
  • Real-time Tuneup
  • Large File Cleaner
  • FaceID and other privacy protection features

The main advantage of using IObit software is that, with a single tool, you can track different problems, and more importantly, solve them.

The free version has everything you need for optimization. With the Pro version, you go further with several other features, many of which must be downloaded after installation and only if deemed necessary.

Advanced SystemCare 15 user interface

Advanced SystemCare 15 has an intuitive interface, simple and with two colors: dark blue or white. The user interface allows you to navigate through the various software features in an orderly and coherent way.

The homepage features five tabs: care, speed up, protect, software updates, and action center.

You will find all the relevant features needed for that specific option. For example, Care lets you scan your PC for junk files, computer startup problems, registry cleaning and defragmentation, and much more.

In the Protect tab, you will find Privacy Protection, System, Browser Protection, etc. Also, in speed up, you will see the features Turbo boost, Hardware accelerator, Startup optimization, App cleanup/tool area, etc.

Care: The simplest function, and which at the same time already provides the first improvement in terms of optimization, is the thorough scan of the files on your PC.

Advanced SystemCare 15 detects junk files and deletes them quickly. This function must then be combined with the one to improve the startup speed of the computer together with the increase in Internet speed, vulnerability fix, disk defragmentation, registry cleaning, removal of spyware, and adware, RAM cleanup, and other features.

Speed up: Here, you will find the options to speed up the system. Few tools will already install, while others need to download only if necessary.

Turbo Boost: It allows you to stop unnecessary services and free up RAM. It is already present in the interface. And the only thing that you need to do is activate the functionality to increase the power by switching to game mode and reduce consumption and performance in economic mode, useful for laptops.

Real-time optimization: It intervenes on the operating system, auto RAM clean, clean up the system to speed up applications and services. You can customize it to get the best operating speed.

Erase App / Toolbar: It’s used to remove malicious toolbars from your web browser. Note: IObit Uninstaller adds this feature; it is a limited free software version.

Each function is distinct from the details item in which it is possible to view which files the IObit software has intervened on.

Protect: On the Protect tab, there are four options. System protection, browser protection, and anti-tracking research.

Real-time protection protects your device from malware, and homepage protection secures the homepage of the web browser (s) you use.

In addition, there are other protections that ASC 15 can offer while browsing the Internet including the Browser Anti-Tracking, Ads Removal and Privacy Shield to make sure you have a safe browsing.

Software Update and Action center: The fourth tab provides the ability to automatically update the software and apps on the PC so that the user no longer has to worry about it.


Advanced SystemCare 15 is one of the leaders in the PC cleaner software market. The package of services included in the efficiency programs also competes with paid counter parties. The system analysis is performed with one click. Gamers will appreciate the dedicated Turbo Boost mode, as it optimizes resources to maximize gaming performance.