Advance Your Career With a Receptionist Job in Perth WA



Location: Perth, WA

Welcome to the exciting world of receptionist jobs in Perth, WA! As a gateway to the rest of Australia, Perth has become known for its vibrant economy and diverse job opportunities. With its booming business sector, there are plenty of great opportunities for those looking to pursue careers in reception. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a change of scenery, Perth is the perfect place to find your dream job. From corporate offices and hotels to medical centres and schools, there is no shortage of excellent receptionist roles available in this beautiful city by the sea. In this guide, we’ll explore what it takes to become a successful receptionist in Perth as well as some tips on how you can stand out from the competition and land your ideal role!

Qualifications and Skills Required for a Receptionist Job in Perth, WA

Receptionists are the face of any organization. They are expected to be the first point of contact for visitors, staff and customers. To succeed in this role, receptionists need to be organized and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Receptionist jobs in Perth WA offer an exciting opportunity to join the vibrant and diverse community of Western Australia. In Perth, WA, there are certain qualifications and skills a person needs to have in order to become a successful receptionist.


To work as a receptionist in Perth, WA it is important that applicants have at least a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Having additional qualifications such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree can give an applicant an edge over other candidates due to increased knowledge of customer service techniques and office operations procedures.

Technical Skills: 

Having basic computer literacy is essential for this role as most companies require their receptionists to use computers for various tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing databases, filing documents etc. It is also crucial that applicants be able to use basic office equipment including fax machines, photocopiers etc., with ease and confidence. Knowledge of other software programs like Microsoft Office Suite can also prove helpful when applying for this job position.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills: 

The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing is highly sought.

Responsibilities of a Receptionist Job in Perth, WA

  1. Greeting Visitors and Clients
  2. Answering Phone Calls and Replying to Emails
  3. Scheduling Appointments and Managing Calendars
  4. Processing Payments/Invoices/Billing Data
  5. Providing Administrative Support
  6. Maintaining Office Supplies Inventory

As the first point of contact for many organizations, receptionists in Perth, WA is often responsible for a number of key duties. From greeting visitors and clients to managing calendars and providing administrative support, receptionists play an important role in organizations of all sizes. In this article, we will discuss the various responsibilities associated with the job of receptionist in Perth.

Greeting Visitors and Clients

The first responsibility of a receptionist is to greet visitors and clients. Receptionists should be friendly and knowledgeable about their company’s products or services in order to create a positive impression on guests when they enter the facility. Receptionists should also be aware of any security protocols that may need to be followed when guests arrive at their workplace.

Answering Phone Calls and Replying to Emails

Receptionists must also handle incoming phone calls as well as emails sent by customers or other businesses. They should have excellent communication skills so that they can provide accurate information over the phone or via email while maintaining a professional tone throughout each conversation. They should also be able to take messages accurately if necessary and relay them promptly without errors.

Salary Expectations of a Receptionist Job in Perth, WA

The salary expectations for receptionists in the Perth, WA area can vary depending on a variety of factors. The most important factor is experience. Generally speaking, the more experience you have as a receptionist, the higher your salary will be. Other factors that may affect your salary include qualifications, job market demand and location.

If you are a new receptionist with no prior experience in Perth, WA then you can expect to earn an average starting salary of around $37k per year for full-time work. This number may go up with additional qualifications or work experience if you are able to demonstrate the ability to do more than just answer phones and greet visitors; such as having proficient computer skills and knowledge of customer service best practices.

The job market demand is also a major factor when it comes to determining your salary expectations as a receptionist in Perth, WA. If there is an increased demand for experienced receptionists then employers may offer more competitive salaries in order to attract quality candidates. On the other hand, if there is less competition due to fewer available jobs then employers may not be willing or able to pay higher salaries because they need someone who can handle basic tasks at an entry-level wage range instead of someone with extensive skill sets that require higher salaries.


Receptionist jobs in Perth WA offer great opportunities for those looking to enter or further their career in the administrative field. With a variety of job openings available, including both full-time and part-time positions, there are plenty of options for individuals who are looking to start or advance their careers. Additionally, many employers offer competitive wages and benefits packages that make it an attractive choice for potential job seekers.