Add Voiceovers to Videos Online with Just A Few Clicks



As many people know, a voiceover for a video involves adding audio commentary or narration to a video. Typically, the voiceover is recorded separately from the video and synced to the visual components afterward. One can use voiceovers for various purposes, such as providing explanations and background information or translating a video’s content. Hiring professional actors is a must when it comes to completing such a project. For instance, if you need a translation to Spanish, the best idea is to search for a Spanish voice over actor.

How to add voiceover to video is expected to use for tutorials, commercials, documentaries, and more is easy with today’s modern tools. There are several ways to add voiceover to video, but the specific method will depend on the platform or device that you are using.

In addition, the voiceover can be in any language and can do by any person or a professional voiceover artist. Add voiceover to video free tools can be done using, an online platform.

General Steps to Add a Voiceover to a Video

Below are some general steps that you can follow to add a voiceover to a video:

  • First, open the video editing software or platform you are using.
  • Next, import the video file to that you want to add the voiceover. You’ll likely find it under “File” or “Import.”
  • Record your voiceover or import an existing audio file.
  • Sync the voiceover with the video by adjusting the timing of the audio to match the visuals.
  • Adjust the volume and other audio settings as appropriate.
  • Preview the final video with the voiceover to ensure everything works correctly.
  • Export or share the last video with the added voiceover.

It’s worth noting that adding voiceover to video steps may vary slightly depending on the software or platform, so refer to the software documentation or support for more specific instructions.

Add Voiceovers to Videos Online with

Modern technology has made recording and editing high-quality voiceovers more accessible with many smartphones and laptops. They are with high-quality microphones and software that can handle the task.

How to add a voiceover to a video is straightforward. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, you may quickly clip your voiceover. Here’s how to add narration to a video for free quickly.

  1. Open the platform, upload the content that needs your voice, and prepare it for editing before adding a voiceover to your video. Then locate the microphone icon and click it next to the Play button. You have two options for leaving a voicemail: record it inside the editor or upload a ready audio file from your PC.
  2. Make sure can access your laptop’s microphone before beginning the voiceover recording, then prepare to talk loudly. Once ready, record your message and then select Add voice. The audio file will show up on the timeline below your video as a separate track.
  3. Eliminating extraneous audio and rearranging the timeline will help you get the voiceover and video ideally in sync. Finally, make your voice into captions to make it audible while in quiet mode. You can find the option in the toolbar on the left.

Tips for Best Voiceover to Video Features

You can usually add voiceover to videos using online platforms and tools that have the following features:

  • First and foremost, recording your voiceover directly through the platform or tool or importing an existing audio file is essential.
  • Another element that deserves serious consideration is audio editing. It is the capacity to alter the voiceover’s audio, including volume adjustments, cutting, splicing, and effect additions.
  • The voiceover and tape synced must be available to ensure that the audio and visual material are in sync.
  • It would be best if you also considered the multi-language support to add voiceover to video free in various languages and subtitle support to appeal to a worldwide audience.
  • Some platforms have pre-made templates that you may use to quickly and easily make voiceover videos.
  • Also necessary are exporting and sharing. The option to export the finished voiceover video in numerous formats or distribute it on various platforms
  • Collaboration is a crucial component. For example, users can collaborate on some platforms in real time while working on the same project. You can use other programs to access resources like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.


Indeed, Voiceovers can make videos more accessible to different people—for instance, individuals with visual impairments or viewers watching the video in a noisy or distracting environment. In addition, a voiceover to a video can add a human touch and help to tell a more engaging story by providing context and background information. is a free online tool that can hold the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged by providing a consistent and clear narrative throughout the video. On the other hand, voiceover using Wave can enhance the brand image and promote the brand throughout the video. Lastly, in many cases, adding a voiceover to a video can be more cost-effective than hiring actors to appear in the video.