A Look At The Advantages Of iFax



  1. Improved Convenience

There are services such as mFax that make it very easy to digitize faxes. Now, all you need to do is sign up via an email service for fax. After, you’ll get a toll free number that is unique and you’ll be able to send faxes as well as receive them in the same manner that you would email.

Basically, the faxes would be sent to the person’s email and this means that a new system won’t need to be learnt. Also, digital faxes can be sent and received from anywhere with an internet connection. These faxes can also be sent and received on phones.

  1. Save Space

The typical fax machines that you’re accustomed to take up a lot of space, wherever they are stored. In addition to the fax machines, you’ll also need to keep related supplies such as ink toner and paper available.

The vast majority of companies have records of their paper faxes which means extra storage rooms and filing cabinets to store all of these faxes. However, with fax to email, all of these equipment won’t be needed. Now, a digital record can be taken of all the faxes and these can be easily stored on the cloud or local network.

  1. Lower The Cost Of Maintenance

Most fax machines are quite troublesome and they can stop working at any time. This means that the company will have to hire a repair tech as needed to fix the fax machine and this will result in additional money being spent. Keep in mind that fax machines also take up a lot of power, toner and paper which is an expense on its own

However, with online faxing, you won’t need to do any of this maintenance. All the company will need to do is pay the user fee and get the toll free number so they can send and receive faxes. There are many scalable fax to email services that can be used for companies of varying sizes. Therefore, you won’t have to purchase additional numbers that aren’t required. Find online fax services near me.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

When you move to online faxing, this won’t just save the company time, money and space. It will also eliminate all of the paper copies and hardware that is actually quite good for the environment. When you make documents solely digital, it reduces your use of paper and allows for electronic storage. This lowers how much printing you have to do since paper records aren’t necessary.

When people become more conscious of the impact they have on the environment, it also becomes important that businesses do the same. This has a direct effect on the company’s reputation, so it is very important.

  1. Enhanced Security

Unfortunately, security breaches can happen in transactions that are both digital and analog. However, it should be noted that online fax services have higher levels of security. They can even give you extra security so that they are HIPAA compliant.

If you want the most secure digital fax service, then you should use a company that uses secure connections along with data encryption. Additionally, there should be more permissions and advanced user controls to ensure that security breaches are prevented. Also, advanced audits and reports should be done and in particular, healthcare companies should implement this.

  1. Save Cash

Digital fax only requires a monthly or yearly subscription cost. The good digital fax services usually offer scaled plans for bigger companies and they also usually provide the toll free numbers. These are all offered at quite affordable packages.

The typical analog fax equipment is very expensive in comparison. This is because the company has to pay for the supplies, maintenance and the machines. Whenever the machine gets old or breaks down, it has to be upgraded which is very expensive for the company. It is actually a lot cheaper to get rid of all fax machines and only use digital fax.

  1. Easily Handle Documents

With digital fax, you’d be able to manage the faxes online on the cloud which is quite easy to organize. Then, you can give employees permission to view certain faxes as needed from anywhere they are located. This can be done without putting your data at risk. Also, due to the fact that everything is in digital format, it is much simpler to find the information you need a lot faster. When you manage these documents online, it makes it a lot easier for staff who are working remotely. If it wasn’t for digitization, they would have a lot of trouble getting the data they need to properly do their jobs.

  1. Send Big Files

Most businesses have encountered difficulties with sending or receiving large files or data. However, online fax services don’t typically have strict rules on file transfer sizes. This makes it easy to send and receive large files without problems.

  1. Streamline Communication

Unfortunately, analog tax machine have many disadvantages. It is easy to experience paper jams as well as busy signals, lose documents and more. This can negatively impact company communication. However, once you switch to online fax, then these issues would no longer be a problem.