A Bit About Common Hat Choices and Ways to Style Your Look    



Hats have been a staple accessory for many reasons in a man’s world. Are you new to this style? You may wonder what types of hats are generally available. Many varieties are available; some shield your eyes from the sun, while some are bolder than others with patterns and textures. If you plan to wear it often, you must explore all the options first. After all, a fashionable man should own at least one of them. So, let’s find out what can be your best bet and why.

The classic fedora

Suppose you’ve seen Hollywood movies from the Golden Era. In that case, you will know why fedoras have come back in fashion and gained widespread popularity while also becoming a symbol of style, sophistication, and panache. Fedoras are some of the most versatile hats that are not only a nod to the original images of early Hollywood but can go with almost anything, provided that it is something you would typically wear. So look for a Fedora in mens hats today and try different styles.

Are you dating someone? In that case, you cannot go wrong with jeans, t-shirt, a denim jacket, and a neutral-colored fedora. Or, you can wear a formal fedora hat with your suit and dress pants to a wedding ceremony. Or, you can chill in your ripped jeans and baggy t-shirt while allowing it to adorn your head. You can pick sneakers to complete this look.

Stylish Panama

When you plan your trip to Mexico and want to bring a hat but don’t want to get caught off guard by the weather there, you should never forget that hats can turn your summer look into an all-year fashion accessory. You can shake things up quickly no matter what season it is. A Panama hat looks great to have whenever you plan a trip near or far. Because they use palm leaves as material and feature a broad brim, Panama hats can provide excellent protection against unnecessary heat.

As for the look you wish to create, you can choose your cotton shirt for chinos. Loafers, sunglasses, and this hat can sum up your outfit. Sometimes, you may want to let yourself loose and enjoy your time without worrying about anything. Those can be the time when you choose shorts and an oversized tee. You can keep this look low-key yet cool by adding your Panama hat and flip-flops. Is there an event where you have to dress up in semi-formals? Loafers and suits with this hat can come in handy.

There are plenty of choices. However, if you are new to the hat fashion, Fedora and Panama can feel like the safer bets. Also, you can use them at different places for different reasons. With these two choices initially, you can plan your formal, semi-formal, casual, traditional, modern, or any style, no matter what collection of clothes you have. You will always be ready to show up your fashionable side. Once you become sure about your style choices, you can try more and more varieties.