9 Intelligent Dog Breeds

9 Intelligent Dog Breeds

9 Intelligent Dog Breeds-

Are you happy when your dog shows that it can understand and follow commands? If so, the dog can do so much more than just following commands. It can also learn new skills and tricks.

Specialists measure intelligence in a dog in multiple ways. You will be surprised to know there is a list of high IQ dogs. If you own a dog that isn’t on this list, but you know that it is intelligent, don’t worry—studies have confirmed that most dogs are more intelligent than most people think.

But all dogs can be smart and intelligent with the help of the owner. The owner needs to train it and enhance the dog’s intelligence. While all dogs can be trained, it is crucial to know your dog’s abilities so that you can inspire and bring out the intelligence desired.

Here is a list of ten intelligent dog breeds.


The poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds because of intelligence. Not only are poodles wise, but they’re active and proud compared to other dogs. They can be trained to exercise, hunt, obey, track, and retrieve. Poodles were first utilized as retrievers in France.

German Shepherd

Well, it’s a no brainer that the German shepherd is the most loved because of its intelligence, confidence, and power.

These dogs are great at what they do and are used in multiple situations as guard dogs and police dogs. German shepherds don’t always show love easily to their owners, but they can be extremely loyal to the family and also excellent with children.

The urban raised German shepherd is renowned for its ability to understand basic commands to handle multiple responsibilities. That’s why these dogs are loved when it comes to intelligence.

Border Collie

The Border collie is active, loving, and — of course — smart. It is loved because of its hard work. The dog is excellent at cuddling, sheep herding, strength, and agility. Also, the Border collies have an intense stare known as “herding eye.” The stare is used to herd domestic animals.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher was initially kept by a well-known German tax collector to protect him while doing rounds.

During World War II, Dobermans were trained to guard soldiers, lead them through dangerous trails, and signal them of imminent danger. Today, Dobermans are not as aggressive as they used to be and are used by families to play. They are reliable, loyal, and fearless.



Golden Retriever

Initially from Scotland, the Golden Retriever dog breed came from a single yellow puppy in 1865. The puppy was among a litter of other retrievers, crossbred with another one by Lord Tweedmouth of Guisachan.

It is attractive, friendly, and well-known for retrieving. It is obedient, agile, and can be used as service dogs. The Golden Retriever is a fan favorite for families. Most households love the dog because it is trainable and super friendly.

Labrador Retriever

It is one of the most popular dogs in America. The Labrador retriever was initially bred in the cold waters off Newfoundland. It possesses a massive tail, thick fur, and webbed feet to help it swim in cold water.

Not only are they known for hunting, but they also assist in dog training, therapy, and water rescue. Labrador retrievers are excellent in dock jumping. Right at these lucky labs you’ll find the puppy you always wanted!

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland sheepdog looks like a small collie. Did you know they came from a local type of sheepdog found in the Shetland Islands? Now you know. The little dogs were later bred to other collies to make this unique dog breed.

They are always active and playful. You can find the Shetland sheepdog on the farms or at home doing any activity that involves showing off obedience and agility. Shetland sheepdogs are intelligent and skilled at herding. They can also scare away strangers.


It got the name Papillon because of its beautiful feathered ears. This dog, also seen as a toy dog breed, is energetic, powerful, and affectionate. It is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Papillons are regular winners when it comes to competitions. They are trainable and have a reputation for being loyal to their owners.


In the past, these dogs were seen as guardians, workers, and ancient sheepherders. Rottweilers are well-known to be affectionate and family-friendly. Also, they are strong and courageous when it comes to defending their owners. They are intelligent but can be playful sometimes.

They were among the first dog breeds to be used in service and protection. They are still used in rescue tasks. If you want rottweilers to become more intelligent, you need to train them consistently.