9 gift ideas for children

gift ideas for children

gift ideas for children

Unfortunately, coming up with a gift that a child will love can be challenging. However, children interested in art, science, or even cooking will love many different types of gifts that stimulate their budding scientific, playful, and creative minds. Here are some of the gift ideas with you can surprise your children:

1. EasyRead watch

A watch is an exciting gift that will make any young child feel grown. However, telling time can be a difficult skill to learn. Fortunately, easy read watches are designed to make learning to tell time extremely straightforward and simple. For instance, the watch face clearly displays extra numbers that will help children understand the concept of what it means if the minute hand comes before the hour versus what it means if the minute hand comes after the hour. Additionally, the watches are waterproof and available in multiple colors and styles.

2. Melissa and Doug wooden building blocks

These lightweight building blocks will provide any child with hours of creative, hands-on fun. You can be sure that your child will enjoy the seemingly unending number of constructions available to them as this building block kit comes with 100 blocks, four different colors, and nine fun shapes.

3. Osmo: Genius Starter Kit

You can take your child’s ability to learn via an iPad to another level with Osmo. For instance, your child can interact with the included tangram pieces, word tiles, or number tiles while following on-screen challenges. In fact, children as young as six can begin to learn a variety of skills, including problem solving, math, and following directions. This toy also includes an option to solve physics puzzles by drawing. Finally, the Genius Starter Kit includes immediate audio and visual feedback, helping to make learning fun and free of stress.

4. K’NEX Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster

If you have a budding engineer in your family, you should consider the Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster. Suitable for children ages seven and up, this gift includes a coaster car that lights up as well as a working drawbridge. Finally, the dragon flaps its wings adding a level of thrill to any imaginative play.

5. Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run

A perfect gift for any curious and creative child who loves building, this ingenious take on the classic marble run allows kids to create unique configurations that help curious and scientific-minded children explore the concepts of magnetics, kinetics, and gravity. For instance, any child will enjoy endless fun designing tricks, stunts, and races that utilize marbles in such a way as to make them appear as if they defy gravity and many other laws of physics. As a result, the visual experience of playing with this toy is like having a real-world kinetic brain teaser. This starter kit comes with over 100 pieces, including construction elements, such as junctions. Additionally, there are 24 building challenges that promote problem-solving skills.

6. eat2explore

With this fun and tasty gift, your child will receive three recipes, a fun cooking tool, and essential spices or sauces every month. Also included are shopping lists, activity sheets, and brochures representing the countries from where the meals originated. As one of the most unique gifts you might give your child, a subscription from eat2explore is a wonderful family activity that encourages children to explore cuisines from faraway places.

7. Disney Subscription box

Birthdays and holidays are exciting times for children. Most kids have grown, playing with Disney toys. What if you could surprise them with Disney-themed toys and stationery? Google and find more about Disney Subscription boxes that are filled with Disney goodies. Delivered every month at your doorsteps, your kids can make fond childhood memories with Disney.

8. Places Please! Littles Imaginative Play Box

If you want to encourage imaginative play, you should consider a subscription to the Places Please! PlayBox. Upon the arrival of each monthly play box, children can explore a variety of characters and stories via the included storybook, costumes, and props.

As a parent, you will enjoy watching your child build a variety of productions that involve accents and background music. At the end of the day, it will seem as if your child operates his or her own entertainment company.

9. Root rt1 iRobot Coding Robot

If you want to encourage STEM activities, you should consider this coding robot from iRobot. Learning how to code is extremely easy as iRobot begins with graphical coding and then moves to hybrid coding. Finally, this gift ultimately teaches full-text coding. Your child can have hours of fun programming the robot to do a multitude of cool things, including drawing, playing music, and even climbing whiteboards.

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