6 Types Of Vehicle Transport Services



Many people across the globe rely on vehicles for efficient, affordable, and readily available transport. Every day, school buses, cargo trailers, private and commercial cars crisscross our major roads offering essential services. Others like ambulances and fire engines play crucial roles that we can’t imagine living without them. 

Interestingly, there comes a time when tables turn, and the vehicle itself has to be transported. The good news is, there is a way to transport practically any type of vehicle. There is no reason to worry. Whether you want to transport an earthmover to a construction site or your new luxury car across several states. If you are in a dilemma and wondering how to transport your vehicle, you can try this out

Open Carriers Vs. Enclosed Carriers

It is good to research the options available before you settle on a specific type of transport mode. Vehicle transport types come in two variants, open transportation and enclosed transportation. The final decision on the option to select will highly depend on your unique needs. 

With open carriers, your vehicle is transported on a trailer without side rails. The vehicle is safely strapped in place and transported while being exposed to the weather. This mode is considered the standard option in the industry, and it is very popular. 

On the other hand, enclosed carriers are trailers with closed sides and roofs. It may be fitted with a container, and the vehicle to be transported is enclosed inside. The vehicle is protected from the weather and enjoys some privacy while on transit. It is, however, a less popular option and also a little bit more expensive. 

This article will break down the options mentioned above into six types of vehicle transport services you can use. 

Multiple Vehicle Transport

This is an open carrier vehicle transport type. Your vehicle is transported atop an elevated platform at the back of a trailer together with several other vehicles. The trailer may feature single or multiple levels where vehicles are strapped and transported in the open. In most cases, this transport method is used to move over long distances. 

Single Vehicle Transport

When transporting a vehicle, most transporters use a flatbed truck or a hotshot trailer designed to fit a single unit. It is a cost-friendly option to transport vehicles over short distances. The method is occasionally used for long-distance expedited deliveries. It is an excellent option for door-to-door delivery. You can bet on this option when transporting custom-made vehicles and other unique models. 

Vehicle transport services offer a reliable and convenient way to ship cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and other vehicles from one location to another. Door-to-door vehicle shipping is a popular service that ensures the vehicle is picked up from its current location and delivered directly to the owner’s desired destination. This eliminates the need for owners to drop off or pick up their vehicles at terminals or ports.

Door to door vehicle shipping offers numerous benefits that make it an ideal choice for individuals who want to move their vehicles without any hassle. One of the key advantages of this service is convenience – it saves time, effort and money associated with transporting vehicles by yourself. Another benefit is safety – professional transportation companies have experienced drivers and proper equipment that ensure your vehicle arrives safely without any damages.

Expedited Vehicle Transport

Expedited vehicle haulages are used to deliver a vehicle on a tight pick-up and delivery deadline. It could be due to an abrupt relocation or the eagerness to get hold of a new addition to your fleet. In this arrangement, you pay a higher amount for your transporter to alter their regular route and schedule and prioritize your unit. The transport company marks your order as urgent and assigns a driver to facilitate an express delivery.  

Drive-Away Vehicle Transport

In a drive-away vehicle transportation service, you hire licensed drivers to move your vehicle from one point to another. Vehicle transportation companies have standby professional drivers ready to drive customers’ vehicles to desired locations. It is an affordable option as compared to others. On the downside, the vehicle will accumulate extra mileage depending on the distance. The pros, however, outweigh the cons as it is a faster method than multiple haulages. You also save time and energy you could have used to get the vehicle. 

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

An enclosed vehicle carrier transports vehicles in a concept similar to single or multiple vehicle transport types. Vehicles are transported in an enclosure and not on open flatbeds or trailers. One or several cars are locked in and transported without contact with the weather or roving eyes. It is a popular mode among high-budget buyers and transporters of sports, antique, custom, or luxurious cars. This category of clients is willing to pay a premium for the privacy and safety of their possessions. 

Home Delivery Vehicle Transport

This delivery service is used to supplement any or a combination of the earlier discussed methods. Regardless of how you choose to transport your vehicle to your nearest city, the transport company sends a driver to deliver the car literally to your door. By completing the last part of the journey on your behalf, the driver saves you time and energy. 

There are many options to transport any type of vehicle. This includes the types not driveable on ordinary roads. The key to getting satisfactory services is to do a thorough background check on the potential transporter. Verify if they have the capacity and expertise to deliver safely.