6 Tricks To Improve Truck’s Appearance



Most truck drivers spend long hours in their vehicles. They are commonly used for transportation and other chores, and they are the source of livelihood for many entrepreneurs. So, it makes sense that you would want to feel comfortable while driving.

There are lots of things you can do to freshen up a truck’s appearance. Usually, it comes down to installing new truck accessories, but you can also make a statement by revamping the paint.

Here are a few tricks that will help you change the vehicle’s appearance.

  1. Tires and rims

The easiest, simplest way to improve the appearance of a truck is by getting a new set of beautiful rims and tires. Keep in mind that thicker, bulkier products look much better on these vehicles.

You might have to be a bit conservative, depending on your budget. Off-road truck drivers shouldn’t go above 17 inches. On the other hand, 20-inch tires and rims can be very expensive, so make sure you have enough money for such a luxury.

  1. Front grilles

Deepening on the onlookers’ position, they might notice grilles before they notice the tires. The great thing about this accessory is that you have so many options at your disposal, For example if you have a Jeep, you can get these great accessories from sites like https://goatstrail.com/.

Having the same default trim package as everyone else can be really boring. Make sure to check the accessories from other truck models for inspiration.

Placing front grilles is not that hard, and the majority of enthusiasts will be able to do it themselves. The price of these accessories can vary significantly, going from couple hundred bucks to several thousand.

  1. LED lights

Getting a new set of bulbs can make a major difference. Many owners are dissatisfied with their factory option and prefer having something that would make their truck look more aggressive.

Swapping your regular filament bulbs for LED bulbs can also be an economical solution. LED option last much longer, creates less heat and uses less power. What’s most important (in terms of the esthetics), these LED bulbs have strong, intense white light.

You can put the new bulbs on various parts of the truck. For example, you can swap your regular door or ceiling lights with these bad boys. The products are easy to install even if you have limited mechanical knowledge.

  1. Suspension and lift kits

When it comes to trucks, you want to go big or to go home. If you already made a few adjustments, as suggested on the list, you probably need to add height to the truck so that everything works visually.

Truck owners are often reluctant to increase the height as it can void the warranty. A nice workaround is a lift kit. These accessories cost between $50 to $500 and can add up to 3 inches to a vehicle. Another benefit of the modification is that you can now place larger tires and rims, further improving the truck’s appearance.

If you want to go all chips in, you can get a suspension lift that can cost more than $1,000. The great part about lift kits and suspension kits is that you won’t lose the warranty as long as the dealer installs them.

  1. Darkening the chrome

Although some people prefer having chrome parts, it is much better to black them out. It is worth noting that the owner shouldn’t paint the chrome. Instead, you will get much better results with Plasti Dip, which comes in aerosol cans.

With this product, you will create a rubber coating that provides extra protection to the exterior. It is simple to remove yet, it will protect the truck from various weather conditions. Just keep in mind that these cans can be expensive, so carefully plan your budget before proceeding with the alteration.

  1. Side rails

Most side rails are made from aluminum or steel and can be very flimsy. What’s even worse, the default option that comes with most trucks is awful. Manufacturers simply put a metal bar and call it a day. However, you can experiment a lot with this part of the truck.

Most side rails sold on Amazon are pretty basic, and they just serve a purpose. They usually cost between $300 to $800, which is a somewhat steep price for a small piece of metal.

Luckily, you can get some nice, custom-made side rails that will totally alter the appearance and functionality of your truck. With this accessory, you can make a real statement. If you’re handy with metal, you can even make your own side rails and add a few details to them, so they feel “alive.”