6 Dangers of DIY Water Heater Repairs

DIY Water Heater Repairs

DIY Water Heater Repairs

Water heaters are no less than a blessing and one of the great inventions in the history of mankind. We can’t imagine life without instant water heaters especially during winters or in those countries where warm weather hardly lasts a month or two. No matter how successful any invention or gadget is, there always comes a time when you find the need to get it repaired. Even though the mechanism of water heaters looks simple and easy to many but getting your hot water heater repair all by yourself and without the help of a professional could lead to life-threatening consequences.

It’s understandable that when things that are necessary for day-to-day household use, stop working, we are tempted to get them repaired soon and often try to get them fixed by performing a DIY. But, in the case of water heaters, a DIY isn’t a good idea at all.

Improper installation and using the wrong procedure to get the water heater fixed might even cause an explosion. Here are six dangerous conditions that can occur due to a DIY water heater repair.

  1. Release of Carbon Monoxide 

Improper maintenance, poor installation, and no ventilation cause the release of carbon monoxide. If the gas doesn’t find its way out due to poor or no ventilation, it can result in poisoning and even explosion. The most dangerous thing is that it is an odorless gas; hence it could be hard for the dwellers to detect such kind of leakage.

  1. Hot Water Spray

A DIY water repair could cause second to third-degree burns as there is a high possibility of hot water spraying out all over your body during reinstallation or repair.

  1. Damage to Your Surrounding 

Any leakage in the water heater that you didn’t notice or fix at the right time can damage the flooring, furniture, drywall, and other objects in the surroundings. Leakage can also result in the failure of the machine to work properly ever again.

  1. Gas Build Up

If you have a gas water heater, then the risk is even higher. If the burner of the heater isn’t shut off properly it would allow the gas to build up in the home. If this happens, then a single spark could bring down our entire house.

  1. Getting Electrocuted 

Dealing with any appliance that runs on electricity could be risky. In the case of a water heater, the chances of getting electrocuted are higher, as all the components are interconnected. Hence any minor mistake during handling, repairing, and installation can lead to flames, burning wires, sparkles, and electric shock.

  1. Waste of Time and Money

As mentioned above, all the components of water heaters are interconnected. Hence, a single damaged component can cause the whole unit to malfunction. If this happens, then all your efforts, time and even money would go in vain because improper functioning and further damage could raise your expense and at times, it can result in the failure of the machine to work again

So, these were some of the hazardous conditions that can occur due to a DIY water repair. If you aren’t convinced even after going through this piece of writing then make sure to wear safety gear and use the right tools and equipment when getting your water heater repaired. Also, make sure to move the residents out of the house for some time, just for their safety.