5 Vacation Laundry Tips for an Easy Travel


Whether you are at home or on vacation, doing laundry will always be a daunting task. If your travel is more than a week, it is either you have packed light, or you brought a week’s worth of clothes. 

Whichever packing style you prefer, you have to launder your clothes on travel. Unless you want to carry along a deadweight suitcase, the dirty laundry inside the luggage might soil or make clean clothes have some odors. 

Use Laundry Services of Hotels

Hotels offer several amenities, and laundry service is one. If you stay in a full-service hotel during your vacation, they can wash, dry, iron, hang, or fold your clothes. Your hotel room has a laundry bag that you can use to store your dirty clothes. If you wish to avail their laundry service, you only have to fill out the form and let the room service know. 

Typically, the laundry services of hotels return clean clothes in 24 hours. If you wish to have your clothes earlier, ask the front desk if they offer express or same-day laundry service. Some hotels have in-house laundry, while some use commercial laundry service like Liox Laundry.

Among the vacation laundry tips, acquiring a laundry service from hotels is the most expensive method. However, it may vary with your travel location, hotel laundry services costs per shirt and not per load or kilogram. If you are in Europe, you pay up to $5 for a shirt and $3 for undergarments. Whereas going to a laundromat, you can pay $6 for a full load of laundry.

Although the laundry services of hotels are convenient, it is an expensive option. If you are tight on budget, it is better to choose another laundry option.

Vacations are supposed to be a time where you can relax and enjoy yourself, but it’s hard to do that when you’re constantly worrying about dirty laundry.

The less clothes you bring with you on your trip, the less laundry you’ll have to worry about doing. Additionally, try packing clothing items that don’t wrinkle easily or can be easily washed by hand and hung up to dry.

Another great tip is to bring along some travel-size packets of detergent from someone like The Laundress. These packets are perfect for washing small loads of laundry in hotel sinks or tubs. They’re also eco-friendly and won’t damage delicate fabrics.

Hand Wash in Hotel Bathroom

Another way you can laundry your clothes in the hotel is in your bathroom sink or bathtub. If you are fine with hand washing your laundry, you should bring a travel-sized laundry detergent, or you may buy it at your destination.

If your hotel bathroom has a sink or bathtub, choose where you are more comfortable to wash your clothes. Fill in the sink or bathtub with water and add the detergent. After you have hand washed your clothes, you can hang them over the shower or bathtub to dry.

Although hand washing cuts the costs, it may take more of your time. Instead of enjoying your vacation, you become busy hand washing your clothes. Moreover, it may be hard to hang dry your washed clothes inside the bathroom. It may take longer as the environment inside the room is not desirable. 

If you plan to hand wash your laundry, it is best to bring clothes made of synthetic fabrics. These clothes dry faster than natural fibers. You will not worry if your clothes will not get dry the next day. 

Moreover, some hotels strongly discourage guests from doing laundry in their bathrooms. They even write it in their hotel policy. Hotels are cautious that some guests might cause damage or give extra work to their housekeepers. Thus, they encourage their guests to use their laundry service.

If you wish to enjoy your vacation and handwashing is not your favorite choice, you can skip this laundry tip and head over to the next. 

Book Accommodation with Self-Service Laundry 

Look for a rental place that offers self-service laundry. Most accommodations are hostels or apartments. Although you will do the laundry, it is a lesser work than hand washing your clothes in the bathroom. 

Most accommodation places have laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry products left for their guests. You can ask the owner right after booking the place to know whether you have to bring laundry essentials or not.

Search for a Local Laundromat

Some countries do not have laundromats. Before you travel, search for a local laundromat in your destination. Laundromats are coin laundries. It is a facility where people can wash their laundry or with minimal help from professionals.

Although some laundromats offer additional services, most do not. You have to wash and dry your clothes alone. The washing and drying machine works with coins or tokens. Local laundromats are typically more affordable than hotel laundry services. Moreover, you do not have to wait for your clothes to be returned in the next 24 hours. You only have to wait for it to be finished. 

You can entertain yourself in the laundromat while waiting for your clothes. However, you are there for a vacation and not to do laundry. Thus, it is best to choose a laundry service that offers drop off service.

Local Laundry Service

Although the local laundromats are more affordable than the local laundry service, it will take your time out of your vacation. If you are tight on budget but do not have the time to do the laundry, a local laundry service is the most recommended vacation laundry tip.

You can search for the best local laundry service at your travel destination or ask for some suggestions from the locals.

Local laundry services allow their clients to drop off their laundry and let another staff return the clothes o. It is your choice which laundry option you have to do for a comfortable travel. Ensure that you have searched the laundromats and local laundry service or booked accommodation before going to your destination.