5 Types Of Primary Care Doctors And How To Choose Which Is Right For You



According to the National Library of Medicine and primary care experts from Partida Corona Medical Center, your odds of preventing and identifying infections earlier are better with the services of a dedicated primary care doctor than those who depend on general hospital services.

While you need good health care, you also need a trusted resource that can give you a clear picture of your overall health; else, you might think you’re healthy while walking and living with the condition that will only show symptoms and signs when it worsens from inside. As such, if you think about high-value medical services like cancer screening, reliable diagnostic recommendations, and preventing care, you’ll be thinking about the benefits of a primary care doctor. So, let’s take a look at the different types of primary care doctors and how you can choose your best fit:

Types of Primary Care Doctors You Need To Know

Traditionally, a primary care physician is a medical professional responsible for helping you prevent, diagnose and treat a broader array of diseases earlier to avoid severity and significant expenses, especially if you’d realize about the conditions when they’ve become worse. Regardless of your state, the best primary care doctor should be a medic who can seamlessly address chronic, acute, and long-term conditions, considering they’ll be expected to have a comprehensive understanding of each different disease and warning signs. Even better, to help you better understand; below are the different types of primary care provider you should know:

Internal Medicine Primary Care Doctors

Typically, you’ll want the services of an internal medicine primary care doctor if you’re an adult. They are commonly known as internists, and they are trained medics specializing in helping adult patients treat simple and complex conditions from early adulthood to old age phases. Likewise, an internal medicine primary care doctor is your best shot if you’re fascinated working with a reliable health specialist who balances most adult people’s regular preventive care needs with specialized care demands. They are good if you’re worried about early adulthood or old age blood pressure and other diseases like diabetes.


These are primary care medics specializing in caring for your kids or younger siblings from birth to early adulthood. They are comprehensively trained to treat and diagnose minor illnesses and injuries along with complex pediatric diseases. Usually, your pediatric primary care doctor will focus on children and babies to younger adults identifying infections and their probable causes. The reason you’ll want to choose a pediatrician for your primary care is that they’re the most suitable medic you’ll want to work with for their broader knowledge about childhood medical conditions others find hard to comprehend. They’ll also help you know your young sibling and children’s future health expectations based on their developmental milestones and more. Additionally, you’ll find it easy to keep track of your young one’s future health concerns.

Still, a pediatrician is an excellent option because they’ll talk with your young ones, making them feel comfortable about their pressing health concerns.  This is a significant advantage, especially if you’ve got kids scared about going to the doctor or expressing their feelings and symptoms.

Family Medicine Doctors

These are unique primary care professionals with exceptional experience and knowledge about your entire family’s health status and concerns. They can see your babies, children, parents, and grandparents without worries about malpractices and other inappropriate medical attention. They are qualified to follow up about your family history to help you inspect for genetic–related diseases and guide you on the proper ways of preventing genetic conditions. In a nutshell, working with qualified and passionate family medicine primary care doctors means you’ll enjoy convenient medical services and live with peace of mind knowing your family has a trusted source about their health care needs with or without your presence.

Internal Medicine –Pediatric Primary Care Doctors

These are like two doctors in one. They are suitable for pediatric and adults health care needs.  They are ideal for preventing, diagnosing, and treating adult and kids’ infections.  Likewise, they are also known as med-peds doctors. Usually, you’ll consider the services of an internal medicine –pediatric primary care doctor if you’ve got adult and kids health care needs as your priority health concerns. Given their broad expertise, they are also the best option for your entire family, regardless of whether you’re looking for a medic that deals with specialized care or not.

Obstetrician and Gynecology Primary Care Doctors 

Commonly called OB-GYNs, they are experts in women’s health, especially if you’re fascinated by a medic who knows the ins and outs of your female reproductive health. An OB-GYN doctor is suitable for offering you routine women’s health services comprising pap tests, sexually transmitted disease testing, and pelvic examinations. Generally, they might be coming to your home, or you’ll be meeting them at their specialty clinics and offices considering privacy.

How to Choose the Right Primary Care Doctor For You

Because every primary care professional is differently qualified and trained, your pressing needs determine who the best fit is for you. If you’re looking for a medic for kids alone, a pediatrician is the best fit. Suppose you’re fascinated about a physician for the entire family. In that case, an internal medicine doctor will do, while a med-peds doctor is the best for a combination of kids and adults. Likewise, for women’s health care, you’ll want an OB-GYNs medic.