5 Tips for an Effective Collaboration with Software Outsourcing Specialists

Effective Collaboration with Software Outsourcing Specialists

Effective Collaboration with Software Outsourcing Specialists

The prevalence of software is evidenced in many areas of life and in military-scale operations, large-scale production … There are also many Software Outsourcing Agencies in some specificial countries where they are concentrating on Software Development. We are forced to acknowledge the popularity of software products through each activity every day. I firmly believe that a short article will not be enough to describe the close relationship between humans and technology – especially software technology.

However, as the importance of information technology increases, SMEs will probably need the support of software outsourcing specialists for their projects. Building a team of in-house software engineers is not something every business is qualified to implement and maintain. So, between the geographic and cultural gap, how will we have to manage to maintain the best state of cooperation so that the software product can be formed smoothly and smoothly? 

The following article will outline the top 5 essential tips for an effective collaboration with software outsourcing specialists.

Software Outsourcing – Why Do We Need It?

Closely, we use various types of communication software platforms such as messaging, social networks …; entertainment software such as taking pictures, watching movies … software for health such as counting steps, reminders to drink water, monitoring the depth of sleep … and so many more.

However, a problem that arises in the present era is the supply of human resources – that is, the number of software development engineers – which are not enough to meet the growing demand and still have no sign to stop. Since then, software outsourcing solutions have become the trend of information technology in recent years. In particular, with the current strong direction of digital transformation since the outbreak of the global pandemic, software has become increasingly important and necessary.

According to a Statista CIO survey deployed worldwide, 64% of all random interviewees responded that software application development is seen as an IT trend to be hired. According to another Technavio report, experts have predicted the growth potential of the information technology market in 2020-2024 with a specific figure of 98 billion USD, a bright figure. and hopeful for the IT industry in particular and for the world economy in general.

5 Essential Tips to Corporate Effectively with Software Outsourcing Specialists

Of course, each team will have their own ways to operate the work and manage the team members smoothly. However, for certain success, here are 7 essential tips to collaborate effectively with remote software outsourcing specialists:

  1. Learn clearly the portfolio and the technology tools used by vendors

Of course, before you start the selection of service partners, carefully filter the profiles of each team that is capable and experienced. Then, depending on the budget of the business, choose a company that is suitable for the money you have, the same type of successful product corresponding to expectation. In addition, the tools that vendors use are also quite important. Advanced tools will bring accuracy, fast and more secure than old, less professional tools. Check whether the tools they have are modern or not, if not, you know what you should do.

However, a tip that probably few people will think of, is to spend time browsing through all the types of customers that the company has supported and collaborated with. How can you tell a company’s credibility just by its looks?

  1. Set a specific goal and budget

Don’t ramble! Because this will kill both you and your project will collapse. Be very careful about what product or business you want to aim for. Specifically, what features are needed, what are the end-users objects – what are the characteristics, do you need software products for your employees to use internally or to release them to customers to experience…

Ask yourself lots of questions and a clear budget, and give yourself a try at your answers. That way, you can confidently exchange more detailed information after you have found the right partner.

  1. Seriously consider about the long-term contract

It’s never a good idea to outsource parts of your product to different companies! I would like to affirm that. The saying ‘never put eggs in the same basket’ is basically reasonable, but it becomes irrational when it causes inconveniences in the software industry in general and offshore outsourcing software development in particular.

And with a long term service contract covering the future phase after the product is released, you’ll be able to ask the vendor to update, improve, or change product features to become more relevant to target users as well as to the market.

  1. Organize a report plan and a specific timetable

To save time, a blueprint listing features with specific completion timelines, and a timetable for business-team meetings is absolutely necessary right before starting a project.

Make sure the two sides do not have any conflicts of time, vision, direction so that when running the project, both the vendor and the vendor do not have to run into unnecessary misunderstandings and challenges. In terms of meeting frequency, there’s no ideal rule or tip for this. Of course, still based on the nature of the project and the need to exchange information between the two sides. Be straightforward and choose a certain time frame for the meeting, and of course stick to this timetable.

  1. Respect each other’s culture and working time zones

And finally, the seemingly less important factor is crucial in determining the level of intersection between your business and the vendor: respect.

It is not just about respecting each other’s culture, but also the difference in geographical location – time zone … For offshore software outsourcing cases, time zone differences are possible. is now very clear, in some places more than 6 hours or half a day apart. Not just because you go to work in the morning, but forcing the outsourcing team to stay up late just for meetings. Instead, agree to hold meetings in the most reasonable time zone of the day so that when you get home and go to bed, the engineering team will work on the necessary items for the day, and the next morning stay awake, the first thing you will receive is the product.


The above tips are not necessarily binding standards or really necessary for you. Depending on the country in which you and the vendor live, they will have their own working rules. However, if you need to understand the basic tips to be able to simply grasp what to do and do to stay proactive at work, the 5 tips above will help.

Based on the current market situation, based on many objective factors so that you have to find a reputable software development team on your own, you should consider these 5 tips to get yourself. Take a more general view of outsourcing your software product in another country, or in another continent.