5 Surprising Uses of Custom-Printed Pop-Up Tents in 2022



We all know tents as tools that help us enjoy the outdoors. In the post-pandemic world, millions worldwide are using tents to plan their escapes to far-away campsites. According to recent reports, the number of driving trips has increased by 52% since the outbreak. More and more people are driving to nearby campsites with their tents to enjoy the outdoors.

However, custom tents can be used in many more ways than just for outdoor camping. Using pop up tents means that you have the freedom to set up temporary campsites where ever you want. These campsites can be located in nature parks or at marketing events. You get the idea – convenient pop-up canopies can be used for reasons other than relaxing outdoors. Here are five surprising ways people are using their tents in 2022 –

  1. Pop-Up Medical Tents

Many hospitals and medical institutions have bought large sets of pop-up canopies. They’re setting up these tents outside their facilities to perform rapid testing. Instead of allowing every patient to enter the hospital, operators first ask them to step inside these tents. Inside these tents, the patients undergo thermal testing, COVID testing, etc.

  1. Custom Pop-Ups for Providing Services to Local Communities

Many business owners have stepped up as community leaders during the pandemic. These leaders are using pop-up tents to provide basic services to their local communities. They offer free first-aid, water, and food inside these tents. Many community leaders have even purchased large sets of pop-up canopies to create temporary shelters for homeless people.

  1. Tents for Marketing and Advertising 

The latest pop-up canopies come with customization options. Users can upload any type of artwork directly on the seller’s website. The tent seller will then use advanced printing technology to custom-print high-definition artwork, graphics, messages, etc., on these tents. Savvy business owners use these custom tents as strategic marketing tools. They cover all sides of the tents with marketing messages, brand logos, etc.

Then, they place these tents in locations that are frequented by their target audiences. For example, a fashion brand may set up custom-printed tents outside a popular mall. Customers who see these tents learn about the brands. They can even enter these tents to check out promotional products, services, etc.

  1. Tents for Hosting Community Events

Due to lockdown restrictions, countless indoor community events have been suspended or permanently shelved. Thankfully, community leaders have found more convenient alternatives. They’re hosting outdoor community events inside pop-up canopy tents. Outdoor gatherings are significantly safer than indoor meetings. Both 10×10-feet and 10×20-feet canopy tents offer ample space for people to gather and meet in a socially-distant manner.

  1. Tailgate Major Events and Festivals

Savvy marketers are using custom-printed pop-up canopies to tailgate popular events in their communities. They set up their branded tents outside major sports events, festivals, and other community gatherings. By doing so, these marketers inadvertently tie their brands with these events. Their brands gain attraction as marketers can get their messages delivered to large crowds.

Pop-up canopies are multi-functional items that help users in several unique ways!