5 Key Features in Camera Harnesses and Straps



As a photographer, whether a hobbyist or a professional photographer, a camera harness is an important part of your gear. Choosing one isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider before making a decision. Choosing the right one will improve the quality of your life and your photography experience. With a solid camera harness and straps like this dual camera harness from HoldFast Gear, you can go anywhere, climb anything, and do anything. This kind of camera harness gives you the freedom to know that your camera is safe and securely tucked next to your body.

Before settling for a camera harness and straps, you need to know the important features to watch out for. In this article, we go through five of the most important features to keep in mind when choosing a camera harness and straps. Read on.

High-Quality Material and Comfort 

When buying any product at all, quality should never be ignored. With a camera harness and straps, you cannot afford to go for a low-quality product or material. Consider how much your camera costs and how much it’ll cost you to repair it if the harness or straps snap. To save you from worries associated with a low-quality camera harness, begin by looking for top-quality materials for the neck strap, full harness, or wrist strap. Look for rugged materials that can withstand temperature and weather extremes. When choosing, look for a rugged material like neoprene, leather, or high-quality polyester.

You should also look for wide straps. This increases the integrity of the harness as well as its load-carrying ability. Wider straps are also more comfortable to carry and offer a better shot at weight distribution. When the weight of your camera is evenly distributed, the chance of shoulder pain or fatigue is reduced.

Removable Padding 

Camera harnesses and straps often come with padding. This padding is there to improve your comfort and reduce the chance of injuries from direct contact with the skin. While this padding is great in some conditions, it may be limiting in other conditions. To enjoy a balance of both worlds, check to see that the paddings are removable. There are several other advantages to removable paddings. Some include;

Easy to Clean: When the padding is removable, you can easily remove them at will and clean them. Once dry, you can replace them on the strap. This will help you to keep your camera harness and strap clean and hygienic. With removable padding, you can also easily tumble wash your camera harness and straps.

Easier to Replace: Over time and due to use, you may find that the paddings have become worn out. If they are removable, you can easily remove them and replace them with newer ones. This would be impossible if you didn’t consider removable paddings at first. You can also save more money by buying only the paddings instead of a new camera harness or straps.

Versatility: Harnesses are often in a single size. However, people have different body types and preferences. With removable paddings, manufacturers can better meet the needs of more consumers.


Camera harnesses and straps should be versatile. You shouldn’t have to choose the harness based on whether you are a beginner or a professional. The harness should also be designed such that it can be worn in different ways. This will allow you to adapt your camera for different carrying angles depending on your situation. The common camera harness and strap positions you should watch out for when selecting a versatile camera harness include chest position, shoulder position, and across the body position. The camera straps should be able to support those positions easily.

Secure Locking and Unlocking Mechanism 

A secure locking mechanism will save you a lot of money, especially when you are moving with your camera strapped in. Without a proper lock mechanism, the latch can come off, and your camera may drop to the ground. Save yourself from the heartache of repair costs by choosing a camera harness with a solid locking mechanism. While the locking mechanism should secure your camera in place, it shouldn’t also be too difficult to unlock. If you are a documentary photographer, you may lose precious moments unlocking your camera harness.

Convenience and Accessibility

Quick access to your camera is an essential factor to consider. The straps shouldn’t make a racket when unlatching it. The camera harness should also be designed such that you’ll have easy access to your lenses, camera, and other equipment. When making a choice, always go for a camera harness that can be unlocked with one hand.