5 Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Businesses 



Right now, businesses are working hard to beat their competitors. One of the most common ways they do this is by using different applications. For example, they might use Shopify to sell their products, or a business VoIP system to communicate with their customers.

Out of all the apps available to businesses, though, Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly the best – and you should be excited about it.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Launched back in 2017, Microsoft Teams is a business communications platform provided by Microsoft. Through this platform, business teams can chat, video conference with each other, and access files remotely, and integrate different applications with it. Essentially, Microsoft Teams is the holy grail of modern business communications.

Who uses Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is primarily for businesses, but everyday people, teachers, and students also use it. Altogether, it has over 250 million active monthly users.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Teams?

Now, let’s jump into the benefits of Microsoft Teams for businesses.

1. Employees can share important documents and files with each other

Rather than printing out documents and running halfway across the office to share them with co-workers, employees now can do it digitally instead of via Microsoft Teams. This saves time, money, and effort – which are incredibly valuable resources in the modern business world.

To set your team up for success in Microsoft Teams, use MS Team services.

2. Employees can work remotely more easily

Moving on, employees can work remotely (although hopefully not in their pajamas). This is because they can access all the files they need by logging into their accounts, whether they’re at home or out on the road.

So, if your business is going to be hiring remote employees in the future, you should prepare yourself via Microsoft Teams now.

3. Reduced emails

Nobody likes dealing with hundreds of emails. Thankfully, emails no longer have to be a problem, as you can communicate with your team via chat and video on Microsoft Teams. Want to hold an urgent meeting? You can start one in seconds. Got something urgent to tell a co-worker? Click their profile and send an instant message straight over, without having to get up to go and find them or wait for an email response.

4. Better security

Microsoft Teams comes with multi-factor authentication and secure guest access, meaning all of your files and data are secure at all times. Plus, you can assign admin roles to specific team members, which will ensure sensitive data is only seen by the eyes it’s intended to be seen by.

5. Less travel

Finally, Microsoft Teams will allow you to cut down on traveling and help to save the planet. Rather than traveling 200 miles to have a face-to-face meeting with a client, you can invite them to join you via video call on Microsoft Teams. This way, neither party has to leave the office, and you can still discuss and resolve everything as you normally would. Hooray for modern communications!