5 Easy Tips For Building A Personal Brand



We have come back to our new post that will mainly focus on building a personal brand on social media platforms.

What’s up, everyone. Welcome back to our blog. Now in today’s article, We are going to answer a very common question that we get which is how to build a personal brand?

So here are the top #5 Tips which really help you to build a personal brand.




It means that as a content creator instead of aiming for 100,000 people to follow you, you have to aim for 1,000 true fans who absolutely love your work.

These are the people that are gonna be first in line when you launch something, these people are going to drive all the way to a meet and greet just to see you. These are the people that are gonna buy your merch because they love you and they believe in your mission.

What we’re aiming for here is quality over quantity, the mistake that we see so many people make is that we aim to have celebrity status and have 100k and some people are even willing to buy fake followers and fake engagement.

It is much better to focus all of your efforts on having one-on-one direct communication and relationships with 1000 people in your tribe and it’s not just any 1,000 people it’s the people that actually show up every time you post a piece of content.

These are the ones that actually turn on the notification bell whenever you post something or whatever you launch something again. They are first in line because they love your mission, they love your work and they love you as a content creator.

We want to make you understand that it’s not about quantity it’s about quality especially if you want to grow a profitable business with social media.



Let’s say you’re at a party and someone says so what do you do and how does it help those who follow your content?

So, let us suppose If I am at the same party and someone asks me this same question, so I will reply him saying that my content helps those people who want to know the strategies and concepts of social media platforms including Instagram which helps them in finding the true fan base and creating the meaningful content and also building a personal brand.

Have you ever wanted to see someone’s Instagram profile picture in full size? You’ve got the best Instagram profile viewer.

That’s kind of what we do and that’s what we would say at a party if someone asked us what we do and who we help.


What a three-by-three means is that we want you to pick three pillars and three values that are the core of your brand.

For instance, if you are a fitness coach or a fitness influencer then maybe your 3 pillars are nutrition, exercising and mindset maybe those are the three pillars that you rotate around whenever you’re creating your content.

Now you’ve got your three pillars, you’ll want to talk about or you want to think about your three values what are the three things within your personal brand that you value and what you bring to the table aside from content?

For example, for us, our three values or the three things that really differentiate us from other people are Integrity, Growth, and Consideration.

These are the three things that differentiate us from our competitor, these are the three things that we always bring to the table that’s not necessarily tangible.

But that you’ll be able to see and convey in our brand this 3×3 method is what’s gonna actually differentiate you as a content creator, as an influencer, as a coach, and as a business owner so really ask yourself what is your 3×3.


We are gonna actually pull up a definition on our phone so that you understand what relationship marketing is?

Relationship marketing focuses on making the most of the customers that you already have rather than devoting all of your efforts to drumming up a new business.

It’s a long-term strategy that aims to build brand loyalty to create strong customer connections and encourage regular repeat business from your already existing clients.

When you focus on actually devoting all of your energy, love, and attention to the existing audience you actually have the potential to cultivate brand ambassadors.

These are the people that truly value you so much as a content creator that they will actually promote your work for free. They are the ones that are sharing with the world on Instagram that they’re reading your articles.

These are the people that are referring to their friends to watch your content because they just love you so much.

What you need to do as a content creator is to treat your community with respect with integrity and with lots of love treat them really well because we promise you that karma is the thing and they will return that energy.


You have this audience now and you know that they like your work but what are you actually doing for them in order to make them feel exclusive and appreciated and supported?

You can easily use Facebook groups where you can invite your audience members to join so that they can get more support from you and they can actually support each other.

When you create very tight-knit communities like this you’re actually creating kind of like a family of people that believe in your mission and that want to help each other and help you grow as a content creator.

So if you are someone who already has an audience, definitely think about what you’re gonna do to take that relationship to the next level so that you can make them feel even more VIP and also make sure that you have this audience just in one place instead of all over the Internet.

So we definitely recommend that even if you have less than a thousand followers to actually put people in a Facebook group or some sort of platform where everyone can get to know each other and actually create a real community.


In this article, we discussed the concepts of building a personal brand by applying and using the top 5 tips. Let us remind you of those tips quickly and shortly, so that you can start using these tips.

  • Tip – #1 1000 True Fans Theory
  • Tip – #2 Clear Communication
  • Tip – #3 3×3 Method
  • Tip – #4 Relationship Marketing is Key
  • Tip – #5 Create a Tribe

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