4 Ways That Health Trends Will Change This Year

With many seeking a return to basics and holistic practices becoming increasing popular, this year will see a number of health trends build upon the experiences and lessons taught by a global pandemic. Let’s take a look at 4 ways that health trends will change this year.

Increased awareness on Mental Health

For many, 2020 was a year which tested peoples mental wellbeing and showed them the importance of dedicating time and effort to not only their mental health but checking on those around them. As the world slowed down many people were isolated away from friends and family, government hotlines experienced record numbers of calls and we saw an emergence in practices such as mindfulness and meditation. As our world transitions into the new normal these lessons haven’t been forgotten with many people maintaining the focus on close human connection and setting aside for self-care.

Embracing Surgery for A Healthy Future

With an increased appreciation for our medical industries an increasing number of individuals are embracing surgery to secure a happy and healthy future. Surgeries such Abdominoplasty and gastric sleeve cost well below what they used and those who struggle with their weight and health are using these surgeries as a kickstart on their health journey.

Wellness Travel

With many establishing working from home routines and local government increasing the accessibility of cities with human powered transport such as walking and bikes we expect to see an increase in wellness travel. Hiking, Walking, Biking and Paddling provided individuals with ways to get out of the house and exercise in a safe manner. Additionally, wellness tourism is growing with many seeking holidays that put their health and wellbeing at the forefront. Many are travelling for natural tourism outside of urban areas, booking in to health retreats and exploring the vast selection of free to access destinations in their country.

An increased focus on sustainable clothing

Now although clothing may not have a direct effect on our health many people are choosing to adopt sustainable clothing brands to look after our planet. An increased focus on recyclable and reusable practices have seen innovative clothing brands coming up with eco-friendly products and moving away from trends of fast fashion.