4 Types Of Posts That Always Do Well On Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Are you looking to build your brand’s presence online and engage with your audience across new platforms? It is time to get your social media presence in order and start creating content that works for you and for your followers and fans.

Chasing The Conversion

Social media is not all about sales, and any brand that fills their feed with sales promotion after sales promotion will quickly find out that they are failing in their efforts to engage with their audience.

Being on social media is about finding out how to connect with your followers in a way that is both engaging for them and cost-effective for you.

In short, you want to be creating content they will like, but with the underlying knowledge that it needs to provide a return for you.

Here are four successful ways to engage your followers and push your marketing message.

Historic Highlights and Throwbacks

There is just something about that vintage look of old packaging, or that throwback to your old logo from ten years ago that appeals to customers.

Nostalgia sells on social and using a platform like greenfly.com to help your users collect and share content, especially historic sporting content, is a great way to get them involved and remind them why they fell in love with your product or service the first time around.

Polling Your Audience

People love sharing their opinions, good or bad, and they love having their opinions validated by being visibly shown that they share those opinions with others.

It is for this reason that polls do really well on social media!

You can run a poll on anything, having customers decide what your next boat will be called, or even asking them to choose between two packaging concepts.

Polling is a great way to give them the voice that they want and to get them excited about new products or services.

Posing Interesting Questions

Asking questions of your audience is just like asking a poll, but you are going to get all kinds of different responses.

It is worth asking questions on your social posts, especially if you can somewhat control the answers to stay on topic, as it means your audience can get involved, share their opinions and even connect with other fans to get discussing your products.

Questions like “which cupcake frosting looks better?” for a bakery and “what is your favorite place to go on holiday” for a travel agency are great ways to get users to respond, and they can help you create content from it the answers later on too.

Sharing Behind The Scenes

No matter what your business is you will always find that your audience is fascinated by what is going on behind closed doors.

From showing off your cool office space to sharing pictures of staff dogs on Take Your Dog To Work Day, giving a little glimpse of what it is like behind the scenes of your business or your office will always be a bit of a winner on social media!