4 smart security devices to make your home safer



Smart technology is everywhere. From Amazon Alexa to robot vacuum cleaners, the smart home devices of the future has never been closer at hand. While most smart technology is geared towards labor-saving activities, the smart security sector is also booming. Let’s take a look at some of the best security tech currently on the market.

#1 Smart locks

Smart locks are the future. These devices fulfill a number of security functions and are far more convenient. Rather than traditional keys, they use passcodes that can’t be forgotten or lost. Misplaced keys can be a big security threat, not to mention a massive inconvenience. With a smart system, it’s also much easier to change the locks (just by changing the passcode) and you won’t even need to produce spare keys for friends or family. Fewer keys in circulation mean a safer house, plus smart locks can also be programmed to tell you anytime a door is opened, so you’ll always know what’s happening in your home.

#2 Smart cameras

Motion sensing cameras attached to doorbells give you a chance to see (and sometimes even communicate with) the caller. That alone makes your home much more secure, but smart cameras can be paired with other security features like lights and the mosquito anti loitering device. The latter is used (often by the elderly) to disperse threatening crowds of youths that might gather outside a house. They use a high frequency sound that’s inaudible to an older person but extremely irritating to someone younger. Pairing a camera with a device like this gives you total control over your home’s perimeter.

#3 Smart alarms

Smart alarms are far superior to their traditional equivalents. They can be turned on and off at will using just a smartphone and they’ll give you real time updates on your home’s security. For example, if the motion sensor is triggered, you’ll get a phone notification. From there you’ll be able to view a camera and see exactly what (or who) set off the sensor. Alarms come with sirens and can be set to contact emergency services. Since they operate via WiFi and Bluetooth, they’re a great solution for people who don’t want to spend time or money setting up a complex, wired alarm system.

#4 Smart lights

Perhaps not the most obvious type of security device, smart lights can nonetheless make your home much safer. The beauty of these devices (apart from their strong energy saving credentials) is that they can be controlled from anywhere. If you’re out of the house or even on holiday, you still have complete control over your lights. That’s a big security boon because potential thieves target empty houses. If the lights have been off for several nights in a row, or if it’s the evening and your house is in complete darkness, thieves know that it’s empty. With smart lights that’s no longer a problem. Using just your phone you can turn them on wherever you are, making your house look inhabited.