4 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Classic Car 




Even to the car savvy, purchasing a classic car tends to be nerve-wracking and tough. However, the excitement associated with getting a classic car that turns heads and starts conversations is worth all the effort that goes into finding one. With the trickery and shenanigans used by salespeople, you can easily find yourself purchasing and driving off a classic car whose price is just not worth it. Many people go for shortcuts and ignore the warning signs and red flags that could inform you of a classic car’s major issues. In this article, you will find four rookie mistakes to avoid when getting yourself a classic car.

Failing to research the car that they want

The worst mistake a classic car buyer can make is to disregard the power of finding detailed research before paying for the car. It is crucial to obtain even the tiniest things regarding the classic car you’re about to buy. These details include:

  • Design
  • Colour
  • Pricing
  • Condition
  • Mileage

Equipped with this information, you will find it easier to make an informed decision about choosing a classic car that strikes and satisfies your style and preference. Thanks to the internet, gathering every piece of information about your potential classic car only requires a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, you can use this information to sniff out a cunning salesperson who is selling you the wrong information. Knowledge is power – conduct your research and stick to your decision.

Setting unrealistic expectations

A plethora of first-time buyers makes their purchasers clearly understanding the car in question. As a result, they place impractical hopes on various aspects of the car such as comfort and speed. For instance, they do not understand that a classic vehicle that was made fifty years ago has a different type of performance as compared to a vehicle that was manufactured car.

To gain in-depth knowledge about a classic car, you can choose to join some of your local clubs and connect with members who possess the make and model of your dream classic car and get more information about it. Ask them questions, educate yourself adequately and even ask them if you can drive their cars. A majority of local vintage clubs have car enthusiasts who adore their hobby and are readily willing to assist other people obtain their dream cars.

Failing to obtain information about the car’s upkeep costs

A classic car’s upkeep is well different from a normal vehicle. Actually, for repair and maintenance, you will have to go to a specialist mechanic where you’ll be charged more as compared to a local shop. If your locality does not have an expert mechanic, consider finding an old-school mechanic who has vast experience in repairing and maintaining older cars.

Also, keep in mind that at some point, you will need to spend a huge chunk of money to purchase costly spare parts which are rare, mechanical maintenance among other upkeep costs. The insurance cost of the classic car is of utmost importance too especially for Italian cars. A specialty insurer will provide meaningfully less for collector cars as compared to the normal auto insurer. More so, some vintage cars are very costly to insure.

Failing to check the numbers

Although the body shape, type, and make of a classic car are useful when buying it, it is important to also take a good look at the car’s numbers. Ensure that the classic car has authentic identification numbers which were stamped on it in the factory and not replica parts. Also, check the engine’s number which contains the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number), and the transmission and rear axle for date codes that match its VIN’s date. Having the correct VIN will assure the owner that he has purchased a genuine vintage car and its engine has never been replaced.


Purchase a vintage car requires passion, patience, love, and money. Although it is easy for first-time vintage car buyers to make mistakes, you will get it right by doing proper legwork. Use the basic tips mentioned above as a starting point and you will be guaranteed to own a quality vintage car. If you want great classic cars such as the Datsun 240z for sale, visit Dyler.