4 Major Advantages of UAV Methane Detector for Natural Gas Pipeline Inspection

Picture by purway-innovate.com

Picture by purway-innovate.com

This article discusses gas safety issues and emphasizes the importance of establishing a safety prevention system. This paper introduces the threats faced by gas pipeline networks and facilities, the process of accidents, and the shortcomings of traditional inspection methods. It focused on the advantages of the new inspection method “laser methane telemeter combined with drone”, including lower cost, more efficiency, safety and reliability, etc. The UAV laser methane detector can measure parameters such as methane gas concentration online, conduct leak detection, and improve inspection efficiency and coverage.

We know that gas has a high-hazard safety rating. Inflammable, explosive and high-pressure gases, once leaked or man-made sabotage accidents occur, will directly endanger people’s lives and the safety of national property. Ensuring safe maintenance operations involves the political responsibility of social stability, and a relevant safety prevention system must be established and improved. Affected by factors such as road construction, municipal construction, illegal excavation, brutal construction, illegal occupation, etc., the safety of gas pipeline networks and facilities may be endangered at any time. Once a gas leak or explosion occurs, it will have a huge impact on society. All units are paying more and more attention to the management of natural gas pipeline inspections, oil and gas pipeline inspections, gas pipeline inspections, and inspections and inspections of safety production facilities and equipment.

From the perspective of accident analysis, most accidents occur in a process, and measures can be taken to deal with or prevent them due to timely discovery, thereby effectively preventing accidents or limiting losses to a minimum. In the past, in order to effectively manage daily inspection work, measures such as ‘spot inspection’, ‘listing’ and ‘heavy fines afterwards’ were implemented. However, it is obvious that these measures are relatively extensive and cannot effectively eliminate the phenomenon of missing inspections while off duty.

Moreover, the method of “heavy fines after the fact” is not the original intention of management: after all, an accident has occurred and caused certain consequences, and the best state of management should be prevention. What’s more, “heavy fines after the fact” generally can only Although it works temporarily, similar situations will still occur once the limelight passes, and it is still impossible to fundamentally ensure that inspection personnel carry out regular on-site inspections.

If we want to discover hidden dangers in a timely manner, we must ensure that inspection personnel arrive at the site regularly for inspections, and completely eliminate the fluke mentality that “one less visit and one less inspection may mean that no one will know”. Then the “laser methane telemeter combined with drone” developed by PURWAY is an effective management method that can realize this idea.

Natural gas pipelines are an integral part of energy infrastructure, however, as pipeline lengths increase, inspection and maintenance have become a significant challenge. The traditional inspection method relies heavily on manual labor, which is high cost and low efficiency. In order to improve safety, reduce costs and improve efficiency, more and more companies are beginning to use drones to inspect natural gas pipelines.

The advantages of using drones equipped with laser methane detector for natural gas pipeline monitoring are as follows:

1. Lower cost because less manpower and time are required.

2. More efficient because large areas can be covered quickly and accurately.

3. Safer, by using infrared sensors, drones can monitor gas leaks and alert inspection personnel, allowing them to take immediate measures. This helps reduce the risk of hazardous situations such as explosions or fires.

4. More reliable, drone line inspections can provide detailed images of pipelines, allowing inspectors to identify and resolve potential issues before they become major problems.

In addition, the uav methane detector has the advantages of portability, speed, efficiency, and low cost, making it an ideal choice for natural gas pipeline inspections.

UAV laser methane detector plays an important role in the inspection of long-distance natural gas pipelines. It can measure parameters such as methane gas concentration online and conduct leak detection to ensure safe operation of pipelines. Using drones equipped with laser methane detectors for inspections can quickly and accurately detect pipeline leaks, improve inspection efficiency, and save manpower and material resources. At the same time, drone inspections can also achieve medium- and long-distance pipeline inspections, covering areas that are difficult to reach on the ground and improving inspection coverage.