4 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Photo Album 

Photo Album 

Photo Album 

Not all photo albums are made equal. People are not entirely aware of how to buy photo albums or to properly choose good quality ones.

Their initial instinct when deciding to compile memorable photos might be to buy a photo album instantly and get all things done.

However, the album that a person chooses is an important decision. By default, everyone will choose a photo album that provides the much-needed protection for the precious photos it will contain. Not to mention photo albums are going to be looked at for many years to come.

Thus, what a person chooses when it comes to photo albums have a difference for many generations to come.

Therefore, when one is planning to buy photo albums online or at a physical shop, they must remember these four important questions to make sure they choose and buy the best photo album to help them preserve memorable photos.

Question 1: What is the Size of the Album? 

There are four main photo sizes based on their dimensions, orientation and the album size measured in centimetres.

The smallest photo size fits perfectly in a photo album is the 8×8 square that fits in a 20×20 album.

Also, there is the 10×10 square photo size that fits in a 25×25 photo album. The 12×12 square photo size fits in a 30×30 photo album, and the 6×8 landscape photo fits in a 15×20 album.

So, when one is planning to buy photo albums online, they must first determine the size of the album. Photographers recommend the 10×10 photo album size since most printed photos fit well for this size.

Question 2: What Kind of Printed Photo Should Be Put in the Album?

In photography, there are six types of photo papers used to print photos. These are; glossy, matte, metallic, pearl or lustre, art, and canvas.

However, there are only two ideal types of photo paper to store in a photo album. These papers are glossy, and the art paper. Both papers do not stick on the plastic covering of the photo album, which is the most common cause of damaging the photos.

People should be aware that they must use the self-adhesive photo album if their photos are not printed with glossy or art photo paper. It is to prevent the photos from sticking on the plastic covers of the album, which causes damage to the photos.

Question 3: What Features the Album Must Have? 

When it comes to features, everyone should think of the album’s durability first. Thus, when one plans to buy photo albums online, they must choose the reputable brands in the market.

Always choose the photo album that works best for its main purpose or use. Photo archivers highly recommend choosing photo albums to hold up to a hundred or more photos with durable plastic sleeves per page.

Also, choose the one with a memo area since these are the best archival photo albums that do not come with a PVC, lignin and acid that damages the photos stored inside them.

Question 4: What Size is the Most Ideal? 

After the features, choose the photo album’s ideal size to fit in bookshelves, cabinets, drawers, and other storage areas. The size is also an important matter, but the size matters on personal preferences.

Always remember to consider where the photo album is stored when deciding on its size. So, before choosing a photo album, measure the dimensions of the space where the album is stored to avoid mistakes.

These four questions will help every individual get more ideas on narrowing down their buying decisions that virtually immortalise precious memories. Each question helps guide every buyer to the ideal photo album available online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Always remember that not all photo albums are ideal for storing all types of the printed photo.

Thus, it would be ideal to choose the photo album that fits best and help preserve the photos’ quality.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.