3 Steps to Start With Guest Posting: Know Them Now      

Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Have heard about guest posting a lot but don’t know what are the steps involved in it? Read on and know the initial steps you need to take to start guest posting for your business. If you think you don’t have the skills to do guest posting on your own, work with professional blogger outreach services to get the tasks done with you focusing on the business side and investing a little time on this.

Let’s check out the initial steps so you can start guest posting as soon as you can.

  1. Find out Relevant Guest Posting Websites

When you are starting with guest posting, your first step will be to find relevant guest posting websites of your niche. For this, you can search on search engines like Google, Bing etc. Search with pattern: “Your niche” + “Guest posting opportunities”. If your niche is the IT industry, write IT industry Guest posting opportunities. Replace the latter part with guest blogging, write for us, guest posting etc and you will find tons of results.

Apart from this, you can search on social media platforms, ask your connections, connect with other bloggers to know the guest posting platforms of your niche. Make a list of all the websites that you find offering guest posting and the next step would be to filter out them.

  1. Filter Out the Websites

After you have made a list of websites that offer guest posting, you need to filter the list based on some criterias as all websites won’t fulfill your needs.

The first step is to check the guidelines of the websites in detail. Read all the points mentioned on every website and understand them carefully. Check what is the minimum word count length required for each article, how many backlinks you can add in the article, any specific requirement they have mentioned, the process of the article getting reviewed etc.

Check out the domain rating of the website. For this, you can use free tools where you need to enter the website URL and it will show you the domain rating of the website. You need to go for websites having domain rating of more than 25 as those are well-performing websites and any website below that score shouldn’t be your aim.

See if the website audience’s taste matches with what you want to offer, try to understand what the audience is looking for, will you be able to match with their requirements? will your articles be at par with the blogs of other authors on the website? Try to answer these questions so you will come to know whether the website will be a right fit for you to guest post or not.

These are important things to check out to finalize a guest posting website. Working with blogger outreach services will provide you relief from this hassle as they will find you the relevant guest posting websites of your niche.

  1. Send Pitch

After you have finalized some 9-10 good websites, it’s time to send a pitch to those websites via email.

Your pitch should be well-crafted and personalized to the person you are sending. It should include details about you, your website, your business, why you want to guest post on their website, how your blogs will add value to their website and why their audience will like reading them, what topics have you thought of etc.

Attach sample blogs that you have written earlier. This will help them quickly assess your writing skills. Once you are selected by any website, it’s time for you to start writing and publishing guest posts.

So, here are the steps that you need to follow to start with guest posting. Follow them and start guest posting asap to leverage the benefits it provides to grow your business and reach a new target audience.

As said earlier, you can also work with professional blogger outreach services to get significant guest posting results within a quick span of time. They have experience working with multiple clients and they know the right strategy to apply to get the most of it. They will find the right guest blogging opportunities and write quality guest blogs as per your needs. This will be indeed helpful if you can’t allocate enough time out of your business and want to get it done from any proficient agency.

Whatever way you go – alone or work with professionals, start guest posting asap to take the full advantages for your business!