3 Most Affordable Ways to Modernize Your NYC Apartment  

Turning your NYC apartment into a modern apartment looking like the ones in Pinterest pictures can be a real challenge and very exciting. However, it may seem that the process of renovating your apartment may cost great financial resources when everything in the market has increased prices. Still, nowadays, there are thousands of affordable options to upgrade your apartment.

How to modernize your NYC apartment?

There are many different ideas to modernize your apartment, but updating all in one may require some financial investments, also considering the statistics, that the average rental price in NYC increased by 5.6% from August 2021 ($4,094).

Fortunately, there is always an alternative to get the desirable results for your apartment while spending minimal resources. Online platforms are full of “do it yourself” ideas, life hacks, and cheap stores.

So you can find out furniture, decors and other details for modernizing your apartment with low prices.

But, before that, you should understand where to start.

Here are some basic and simple steps to help you create the New York modern apartment in New York City you always dreamed of.

1. Refreshed furniture

Start with quality furniture. If you think that it already looks old-fashioned or takes up a lot of space, resell it or exchange it with another one if you don’t want to spend all your money on new furniture.

The central part of the interior is furniture, so it’s essential to choose the right one that will be useful, but not very huge for the rooms. New furniture will completely change the atmosphere in the apartment and make it look fresher.

By the way, if you are looking for some inspiration, there are many furnished apartments in New York City that you can search online and take some ideas for your apartment.

furnished apartments in New York City

furnished apartments in New York City

2. Add modern decors

Details matter, especially when it comes to apartment design and decoration. Take into consideration adding some modern decors to your apartment. It can be little statues, candles, drawings or plants.

You can add some of them at once, but don’t overuse decorations to avoid making your flat look messy. Modern decors will give your apartment an attractive and appealing look. You’ll easily find many modern decorations online with surprisingly low prices.

3. Keep it minimalistic

With all the new refreshments and changes in your apartment, remember to keep it minimalistic. Modern interior design is all about minimalism and easy solutions, so when choosing furniture or decorations, choose the simplest ones with primary and calming colors:

  1. It will keep its topicality for a long time, and you won’t get tired of these elements in your apartment.
  2. Minimalism in the interior will give comfort and visually make it brighter.
  3. Minimalistic solutions are more affordable.
Room Furniture

Room Furniture


To sum up this small guide, we would like to mention that it’s pretty possible to refresh your NYC apartment and make it more modern and comfortable with affordable prices.

While you don’t have to put much effort to complete this task, you can still do the proper research and achieve your desired results. The willingness to start and follow these three steps mentioned above would be enough to reach the goal. Then, over time, you can make more additions to your apartment.