3 Common Mistakes When Producing Explainer Videos

Common Mistakes When Producing Explainer Videos

Common Mistakes When Producing Explainer Videos

Explainer video is becoming an integral part of internet business. Every self-respecting company, if it has not yet created such an animated corporate video, then at least should think about it.

Sometimes companies face a problem when a video does not attract an audience. Here is a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid when creating videos for your company.

  • Bad planning

This is one of the most common mistakes.

Using someone else’s experience instead of your own real stories.

Not getting creative. One of the best ways to throw money away is to create video “like everyone else.” The reality in our life is that an average person sees an average of about 3000 advertisements per day. In order to stand out from that “noise” you need to grab the viewer’s attention.

Create something that will stop the gaze, make you think, smile, etc. Especially effective are those videos where the viewer himself answers the question posed: his own conclusion, comprehended by a person, is much more valuable to him than external information. You will not be remembered by your client if the only thing you can offer is another discount or advantageous offer.

Not using a script. A script is a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas. Be sure to show your script to the other team members and read it aloud before filming.

Not knowing your target audience is critical – without it, it is impossible to create useful video. Understanding your target audience will determine the key decisions for your videos. General information is helpful, but thinking about individuals – your target audience – what their concerns are, why they will watch your videos, what they like and what they don’t like – it will help you create a more specific and detailed video.

  • Bad picture

This failure consists of many factors that influence the result. Bad light. Poor sound quality. Shaky footage. Make sure that the video design corresponds to the examples you were guided by before creating the video, the sound design is taken into account even in the smallest details, and the announcer has a pleasant voice and you and your colleagues like it.

  • Unreasonable confidence that the video will “hook” the viewer

Many entrepreneurs still consider “successful company” and “serious company” synonymous. Such comparisons are not suitable for every company and brand. It is a big mistake to think that if you position your company as pompous and official, then people will reach out to you. If your company is like that, then other than a chill, people will not have any feelings for you. Allowing you to add a little irony to your ad will win. It is more pleasant for people to deal with “live” companies than with stress-resistant cyborgs. Make your brand live.

In order for the name of your company, brand or product to be fixed in the mind of a potential client, you need to add emotion to your ad. An emotional connection with a customer is what will keep them in place in case your competitor is on the horizon. When there is no such connection, a person will easily leave for another. For a long time, people love to listen to stories. Tell your customers a story about your company, if it doesn’t exist – make it up, create a connection.

Not using a “call to action”. After all, it is important for you that the viewer not only watches the video, but also performs the targeted action you need. The correct CTA in the video increases conversions and attracts new customers. Therefore, determine which CTAs are effective in your 90 second videos, what engages your target audience and aligns with the company’s goals.

You can influence customers to see you as a competent, trustworthy and empathetic brand with the right videos! After all, we already have enough video marketing trends pointing to this little nugget.