2021 Dodge Challenger: How to maintain the exterior paint of your new vehicle?



So you just brought home a brand-new Dodge Challenger right from the showroom for Christmas. The shiny red paint and the flashy glass on the window panes gleaming right in your eyes. Aaah, that unique fragrance of the fresh paint tickling the tip of your nose. That feeling is just mesmerizing. Even the legendary Santa Claus himself will be left awestruck on the sight of your pristine Challenger. You are ready to show off your Fast & Furious wannabe to your family, colleagues, and your homies. 

Day 1: Preening eyes all over your beautiful Challenger. 

Day 10: You and your homies set out for the adventure of your lives. 

Day 30: Your first scratch. Gotta drive more carefully. 

Day 90: Time to clean up the dust. What’s this grime over here? Can’t rub it off. 

Finally Day 360: Just another regular day in your beaten up Challenger. 

Pretty scary right? Well, this is the fate of most inexperienced car enthusiasts who are still ignorant of certain ‘hacks’. The hacks that adept drivers learn after years of owning and riding various cars. Yes, the hacks to keep the looks of your car so pristine that your Challenger becomes the envy of every onlooker and motorist on the streets. Here are some tips to maintain the exterior paint of your car-

Frequent washing

This should be one obvious tip that every owner should know. Grime, environmental dust, and dirt get accumulated on your car in a long time span and steal the glamour of your car. The exterior paint becomes duller to the point of your car transforming into a dirty tractor. If you’re too lazy to get up and clean those arrogant dirt stains, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few bucks and get your Challenger cleaned at your local car wash.

Only use automotive-based cleaning products

Your car is a reflection of your soul. Surely you wouldn’t binge on your dog’s food any time of the day. The same way the household cleaning products that you use on your car would do more harm than good. Use a dedicated car cleaner. Purchase a terry detailing cloth or microfiber from your local shop for a safer scrub as normal scrubbers may scratch paint off your car. A chamois works best to dry your car after cleaning. Drying is paramount as avoiding this process may leave mineral spots. These spots get stained when exposed to the sun, so drying is a must.

Don’t skip on spot cleaning in between washes

Everyone hates those gross bird splatters that are a big nuisance. Guess what, these bird excretions, bug splatter, and road tar erode the shiny paint of your Dodge Challenger 2021 after they dry up on your car. They get harder to remove over time and may even scratch off the paint while you are trying to eliminate them. Whether you hate spot cleaning or not, it is extremely important to do it frequently between washes to maintain the glitz of your car.

Wax your Challenger at least twice per annum 

Waxing can be quite a gamechanger to convert your relic into a charming vehicle looking as good as new. Outside elements of sun, rain, and snow often breach past your car’s natural barrier of clear coating. Waxing gives you the perk of an extra line of security against the foreign invaders of nature. Waxing also restores the shine and vibrant personality of your Challenger. Arrange an appointment with your car dealer for waxing if you notice your car’s aura fading away. Only use a car wax that is designated for your car’s paint type.

For Dodge owners out in the extremes like the Alaska, Rockies, or Nevada, waxing becomes even more crucial. The extreme environment variables like snow, salt, and heat may eat off your car’s exterior paint in no time. Wax your car several times to protect itself against the harsh power of nature. Consider exploring advanced protective measures such as paint protection film for an additional layer of defense against road debris and environmental elements.

Professional detailing to clean those impossible stains

Get your challenger serviced for official cleaning from a professional car detailing service center at least once per year. These guys know their business well, making those grimy stains that you couldn’t scrub off vanish right before your eyes. The special cleaners and the clay bar used by these guys remove dirt deep from the car’s layers. These friendly servicemen even spruce up your interiors, remove some light scratches and even give your car a nice ol’ waxing. 

Cover your car 24/7

Keeping your car in your garage every day keeps those pesky birds away. Can’t afford a garage? Then invest in a high-quality car cover. The cover acts as a shield to protect your Challenger from UV rays. Don’t underestimate the sun’s might, as these UV rays can fade your car’s paint over time. The cover also stops any incoming damage from hail or debris flying by in stormy conditions. The cover’s main goal is to keep those pests like birds and bugs at bay, which it performs effortlessly. A good quality cover should be composed of breathable fabric. This way moisture won’t get trapped inside and your Challenger stays in tip-top condition. 


The wisdom parted by our experienced drivers is priceless to any new car enthusiast who seeks to take the utmost care of his new Challenger. Following the above guidelines translates to driving a brand-new car every day.