10 Creative Recruiting Marketing Strategies to Recruit Top Talent    

10 Creative Recruiting Marketing Strategies to Recruit Top Talent    

10 Creative Recruiting Marketing Strategies to Recruit Top Talent    

Attracting the proper personnel for your company might be difficult. To hire remote developers, your staff HR may be reaching out to strangers on LinkedIn, soliciting referrals from current employees, and attending career fairs after career fairs (right now, virtually). The procedure can be made a little easier with recruitment marketing if you know how to establish the correct approach.

Your business goals and organizational structure will influence the processes you develop, the areas you explore for individuals, and the strategies you employ to attract and hire remote developers. When it comes to designing a recruitment strategy, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Start with tried-and-true techniques and tweak them to fit your needs.

What exactly is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing, not to be confused with recruiting, is about bringing talent to you rather than looking for specific potential employees. In addition to specific job postings, recruitment marketing entails advertising your company and its culture.

Recruitment marketing to hire remote developers may take various forms, from establishing an internet presence so that you can be found in search results when prospects are looking for employment, to generating applications to reach the ideal candidates when they are ready to apply for jobs.

Good recruitment marketing planning to hire remote developers, incorporate a variety of internet marketing approaches to ensure that you reach the largest pool of potential applicants possible, regardless of where they spend their time online.

Let’s move into some recruitment strategies to attract and retain talent to help you find the perfect people for your company now that we’ve covered the basics.

10 techniques for attracting top talent through recruitment marketing

10 techniques for attracting top talent through recruitment marketing

10 techniques for attracting top talent through recruitment marketing

The candidate’s trip is long and winding. With so many different channels for applicants to conduct research and so many more employment possibilities that hire remote developers to pick from, it’s critical to stand out and have a presence in the places where top talent is looking.

Here are some of the best recruitment marketing methods to explore in order to help your company hire remote developers that are on the top of their game.

  1. With a careers page, you can make your website more user-friendly.

For most job seekers, your website is essentially your company’s first impression. They should be able to quickly understand what you do, your objective, and who you serve before moving on to more information about professions, culture, and how you hire remote developers.

Because your website is (rightfully) focused on your clients or audience, a career website or page is the only location where you may tailor material to potential employees. It’s where you market open positions while also communicating your advantages and what current employees enjoy about your culture.

Many recruiters are investing in career sites in order to hire remote developers. Several features need to be in order   for your website to show up in search results at all and to appear correctly across all devices.

  1. Showcase your brand on social media in a natural way.

Candidates can learn a lot about your company, its culture, and how you hire remote developers by using social media. Because social media is designed to be social, it’s ideal for sharing culture-related content, whether it’s an in-office event, an employee spotlight, or an example of how your company gives back.

Furthermore, social networking is an effective tool for attracting employees. In fact, leads generated by employees using social media convert seven times more frequently than other leads.

  1. With Facebook advertising, you can reach a new audience.

Another advantage of using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for recruitment marketing to hire remote developers is that you may target a new audience with Facebook advertisements who may not be familiar with your organization.

You can use Facebook advertising to target individuals based on their current job titles, education level, interests, and geography, and you can run advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram. This will enable you to target ads on Facebook and Instagram to the types of personnel you’re looking for in your location.

  1. Manage your company’s reputation on review sites.

The brand reputation of your company is incredibly crucial. Job seekers want to know how much their present employees love working for you, and reviews provide them with that information. As a result, it’s critical that you keep track of your employer reviews and reply appropriately.

Review replies are almost as significant to prospective employees as the review itself. In fact, if a business actively manages its employer brand, 75% of job seekers are more inclined to apply for a job.

Employee reviews may appear on consumer-facing review sites such as Google My Business and Yelp, in addition to the top employee review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.  So  keep a watch on all the locations you might be receiving employee feedback.

  1. Use job boards to promote your company.

While many job forums allow you to post “hire remote developers” jobs for free, promoting your opportunities on such job boards will enhance your chances of being spotted by suitable individuals.

When you use job board advertising to promote your available positions and organization, you can appear ahead of other ads on these sites, boosting the likelihood that candidates will choose your posting over a competitor’s.

  1. Use the live chat to interact with potential employees.

Live chat is a great feature for your customer-facing website, but it may also help with your  recruitment strategies to attract and retain talent.

You can communicate with potential employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you add live chat to your employment site or page. Applicants may have queries about how to contact you, how to locate suitable job positions, or simply where your office is located. All of these inquiries may be readily answered through live chat, and you can even collect lead information to follow up with later.

Live chat on your website can help you engage candidates and increase your recruitment marketing efforts to hire remote developers.

Providing information and answers to basic questions quickly and readily could mean the difference between your ideal employee completing an application or leaving your site.

  1. Use email marketing to keep your brand in front of your customers’ minds.

You can use email marketing to keep your organization top of mind once you’ve obtained a candidate’s information. Consider sending emails to your list about relevant honors you’ve earned (such as Best Places to Work in Houston), highlights on how your teams are coming together while working remotely during the pandemic, or a client your company recently helped see success with — as well as open positions.

Consider what would spark the curiosity of potential employees and how you might set your company distinct from the others vying for their applications. If you keep engaging your talent network, you’ll have a better chance to hire remote developers that are most suited for your available positions.

  1. To engage applicants, use video marketing.

More than 80% of people say they want to see more video content from brands they interact with, and 95% of the message they view in a video is retained (up from 10 percent of what they retain from reading text). So, If you plan to hire remote developers, offer them what they want and use video marketing to get your message across.

More than any other type of material, videos allow you to interact with potential employees on a deeper level. You may utilize video marketing to show off your company culture, educate potential employees about what you do, and emphasize employee testimonials so they can get a sense of what it’s like to work for you.

  1. Take it a step further by advertising on YouTube.

You may also target those fantastic movies (or portions of your videos) to prospective employees directly on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, with YouTube advertising.

The cost of YouTube advertising is relatively inexpensive, and it can help you raise brand awareness, reach a new audience online, and encourage potential employees to watch your videos or visit your career site and in turn, attract a larger pool of applicants when you hire remote developers.

  1. With listing management, you can make it simple for people to contact you.

Candidates will most certainly come across local listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, and CitySearch when searching for your company. While most company listings are aimed at consumers, potential employees may use this information to contact you, check your website, or even seek directions to your location.

It’s critical to ensure that your company is presented correctly so that candidates see the correct information when it’s time to contact you. You don’t want your top applicant to get lost on their way to an interview because Google Maps directed them to your previous office across town.


Recruitment marketing methods are changing at a breakneck pace. It’s likely that strategies to hire remote developers that work this year won’t work next year or in the future. The success rate of the tactics is entirely dependent on your company’s specific goals and the people you’re looking for. As a result, it is critical to monitor recruitment strategies to attract and retain talent on a daily basis.

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