What is E-commerce and How Does It Work?



E-commerce is the action of purchasing and selling different items via the Internet. Data and money must be transferred electronically. A payment processor (third-party company) is involved in the entire process.  It processes debit and credit card transactions. Altogether, consumers, merchants, card networks, and banks are making the payment possible online. Companies that do not use e-commerce nowadays, soon will be considered as the Stone Age members. Those organizations that regularly adapt to changes and do their best to take the leading positions in the market, attract the experts, and are known to be a dream of inexperienced specialists. If you want to write my resume, then keep reading and find out efficient tips on joining the e-commerce team.

How to Join an E-commerce Team?

Some people mistakenly think that e-commerce means selling only digitized services or products, like e-books, music, etc. However, this term is applied for the means of selling but not what actually is being sold. People who decide to become a member of the e-commerce team, and approach online resume writer service for this, understand all benefits and perspectives of the industry in the age of digitalization. Hence, if you want to get an interesting, modern, and well-paid job, then you are recommended to keep an eye on the following tips.

Choose the role

The E-commerce team includes a few specialists that you can choose from. Each of them has definite responsibilities and require particular expertise:

  1. Digital marketing manager. This specialist usually helps the chief cope with the loads at the first time and focuses on the business growth.
  2. Supply chain manager. This role is often underestimated. The manager should control the availability of items in the stock, their arriving at the warehouses on time, and finally getting to the customer.
  3. Web developer. In the age of digitalization, having a fast and convenient website is a must for every successful e-commerce organization. Web developers must make the process of accessing the platform as simple as possible for people who are not very tech-savvy. Mobile optimization, speeding up the pages, installing necessary plugins – all this is only a part of a web developer’s responsibilities.
  4. Customer service representative. The attentive and responsive support system is one of the key factors of a successful store. It doesn’t matter what information channel the company has (email, hot phone line, etc.), this person should quickly analyze the information and come up with an efficient solution to meet the needs of the client.
  5. Head of e-commerce. This role is clearly the most important one in terms of the entire team. The head is expected to attract new talents, check the work of all specialists, and make the decisions that will help the team reach the goal quicker. The applicant should have a fantastic experience of working on all e-commerce positions so as to understand the operations better.

Write and edit resume online

Once you decide what position in e-commerce you want to obtain, it is high time to prepare a resume. You can pick up a few ads and find out what skills and knowledge a particular specialist should have. Then you are expected to create the document that will prove you to be a perfect applicant.

Mind that cooperation with a resume editor will allow you to present the resume with no mistakes or uncertainties. Still, if you are not sure that you can do it well, then it is better to approach the best online resume service. Experts will craft a stunning resume for you and help with writing a thank you letter.

Stay in touch

After sending your resume, keep an eye on the company’s job offers. Maybe they can’t suggest anything right at the moment, but they will remember that you are a potential candidate to start working in the team. It is recommended to join the groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other similar platforms. Follow the updates of a particular company and leave comments under the posts. This way, you will show that you are really interested in e-commerce in general, are tech-savvy, and would like to join the team.

Boost your skills

In case you wanted to add resume to LinkedIn and discovered that you lack some required skills and knowledge, then devote some time to gain the required expertise. You can take the advantage of online courses, or visit offline ones. It is better to choose the courses with leading e-commerce specialists who will be glad to share all tricks and tips of working in a related industry. Also, think about joining the groups on social networking platforms. This way, you can chat with the same-minded people, widen your horizons and boost your skills.

Consider adjoining position

As you already know, the e-commerce team includes a few positions that you can obtain. Do not get upset in case the company can’t offer you the exact position that you have been hoping for. Start with available vacancies and maybe soon you will get what you want. Remember that head of ecommerce requires experience of working in every position, so undoubtedly, you will take the advantage of the following practice.

Keep positive

If you can afford to look for the dream job for some time without the necessity to work somewhere else, then just do it. Distracting to the other industries will prevent you from reaching your goals. If you still need to pay for the rent, bills, and food, then prefer a part-time job to have time for looking for a position in the e-commerce team. Stay positive and take every chance to make your dream come true.


A successful e-commerce team is quite flexible. It is built in accordance with the specifics of a definite company. If you want to join the e-commerce team, then you are recommended to follow the above tips. Do not focus on only one company. Create a document listing job titles, requirements, and other peculiarities of the offered position. Stay in touch with the hiring manager and keep improving your skills. Mind to cooperate only with a top resume writing service to arrange all your skills and experience properly.

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