Top eCommerce Trends to Look Out For In 2021

online shopping

online shopping

The eCommerce industry is growing with time, and over 20 years, it has made over 2 trillion US dollars around the globe. Hence there is no looking back now. Ecommerce trends have transformed the retail business. It has fully evolved the ways to meet the uncertain needs of people. The recent trends in online shopping have made shopping easier for modern-day customers. When eCommerce started, it was quite limited in its capabilities and functionalities, but not anymore. Either its customization, improvised integration, enhanced return policies or various other changes have taken the world of eCommerce by the horns. The advanced eCommerce trends of 2021 are here to further enhance the world of eCommerce.

So if you are still confused about the future of ecommerce and its growth, then eCommerce trends are there to prove to you that eCommerce is not just rapidly developing but has come to take its place in the market. If you want to take your eCommerce business to new heights, then ensure to take advantage of these emerging ecommerce growth trends in the industry. You can also make these eCommerce trends a part of your business to ensure the stable growth of your online store. If you are facing issues choosing which eCommerce trends are the best for your company, then an eCommerce development company can be your great help.

What is the Importance of eCommerce Trends 2021? 

The eCommerce world is growing competitive with each passing year. Thus to get an edge over your competitors, you have to constantly monitor your eCommerce trends. As no matter how known, trusted, and popular your ecommerce store is, if you miss out on keeping up with eCommerce trends, then it might give rise to the risk of drastically falling. Therefore, you need to keep looking forward and make sure of your future success. As we have moved into the year 2021, you need to be well aware of these eCommerce trends to take immense advantage of these trends. Due to this reason, eCommerce trends must be adopted and analyzed timely. By following this, you can drive your eCommerce business and stay ahead in the competition.

Top 4 E-commerce Trends 2021 

Do you have an idea of how these trends in the eCommerce industry will shape your online store’s success? Are you also suspecting what the future of the eCommerce industry will look like? Here are the top 5 most popular e-commerce trends 2021 that you have insights about.

1. Massive Data Plays Crucial Role in Developing Personalized Experiences

Nowadays, most customers are well aware of the eCommerce sites gathering personal data, putting them at risk. Due to this, experts also have doubts about the benefits of big data and how it will affect the personalized shopping experience of users.

Luis Carter, a conversion rate optimization expert, anticipates how personalization will continue to advance besides security concerns. According to him, tech giants will continue to grow and expand and have more and more in-house services. Eventually, personalization will make its way to the internet of things (IoT). Despite seeing pop-up suggestions on search engines or other shopping platforms. In the future, we will see them in our thermostat and doorbell cameras as well. Thus by keeping some of the legislation being played upon, we’ll likely opt-out of it. These trends in the ecommerce industry will build interesting differences. As some people will have ultra-personalized experiences, and some might not. It will have a great impact on how marketers will reach out to their customers.

2. AI Aids Stores to Learn About Customers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning make an opportunity for customers to have personalized and automated shopping experiences. AI invests in gathering data on how customers shop, their choices and when they buy their preferred products. They also have entire search history details as it helps companies look at what their customers are looking for in a product or service. It is an important function that cannot be imitated in physical stores.

The editor-in-chief of the digital outdoor, Rom Smith, stresses how the complexity of AI and the capability to make it more human are also growing important with time. These days people want to know that brands care about them, and artificial intelligence will be programmed accordingly. In the case of social media, we have witnessed opposite behavior as AI learns from humans. It is quite likely that in that case, customers will bear the impact. Thus if bots can learn to form sentences and deliver their emotions, companies can program them to offer comfort and products depending on customer’s moods.

3. Augmented Reality Has Transformed the Way We Used to Shop

It is estimated that by 2022 over 120,000 stores will be using AR (Augmented Reality) technologies to offer a rich shopping experience to their users. The major uptake in the AR ecommerce trends will be driven by the online shoppers and retail workforce. One of the main disadvantages people used to face in online shopping was while shopping online. They were not able to see the quality of the product. For such reasons, AR technology mainly bridges the gap and allows online shoppers to better visualize the products they are interested in buying.

For people who follow recent trends in online shopping, AR technology can be a game-changer. AR experiences are likely to evolve how online customers understand the products they are likely to buy. The ecommerce trends can help customers better understand their needs and know if the products they intend to buy have met their demands. Some eCommerce businesses have already started experimenting with AR, which will help them get an edge over their competitors. Delivering personalized experiences to customers will provide an enhanced online shopping experience. Companies are also experimenting with AR to enhance user experience and provide customers with the access to test and explore products in the way they would do while shopping in a physical store.

4. Mobile Shopping is Still on the Go 

Mobile shopping allows customers to make their purchases from anywhere and anytime they want. It is quite vital these days for customers. If eCommerce websites are not well responsive on mobile phones or web apps, you would be losing a big opportunity to grow. Customers who are mobile users want to have add-on convenience plus the capability to pay through digital payment options.

In 2019 Statista estimated that by the end of the year 2921, 73% of the sales would be placed through mobile devices. VP of Marketing at northern Commerce, Corey Dubeau, is also one of the many who have witnessed improved quality and more mobile payment integration to foretell the change in 2020.


Due to technology advancements and modifications in customer behavior, companies need to get insights into the new eCommerce trends in 2021. Whichever of these eCommerce trends you decide to opt for your business, you need to keep enhancing user experience into consideration. For example, it would be best if you opted for online shopping trends 2021 that improve their shopping experience and help in building company relationships with their customers.

Thus take your eCommerce business to new heights by adopting appropriate e-Commerce trends 2021 for your business. IF you are facing issues choosing among the various eCommerce trends, then a top eCommerce development company can be of great help.