Is Shopify right for you and your store? The key advantages

Shopify right for you and your store

Shopify right for you and your store

The decision to set up and own e-commerce shop  always arrive to the same question. Which online shop platform would be best for your business. Off course, there is no universal answer and it all depends on your specifics and goals. This article is dedicated to one of the most popular systems, Shopify.  Here is  some of main reasons people usually choose Shopify for their online partnership, so you can look through them and find out, if this site is a right for you and your store.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a web app that let any user build and own an online store. The conception of creators is to give any customer all that they would need, like blog, payment system, templates and other. Platform`s orientation is helping every seller to create an individually designed online shop with its own strong brand resemblance.

While being one of the most successful e-commerse platform, Shopify is still focused on it`s auditory. Knowing better some advantages of Shopify will let you know if it is what you are looking for. Let’s learn more about Shopify and its features!

Reasons to chose shopify

Quick start

Unlike many other apps Shopify offers an easy way to launch an online store without lots of registration and payment steps. Those formal secure steps usually make it hard to even start your own business to most people, especially to non-professional craft masters or artists, who dream to turn their talents to the way to earn money. Also Shopify offers a lot of guides and videos that can help you to start and go forward to create your own unique shop that will work for you.

Easy to use

As we said, Shopify was created for the average user, not for skilled IT developers or businessmen. It is easy to add products, to sell, and process orders. Wide design options are easy to use, you can really create a shop of your dreams that your customer will really like and remember in a few minutes. Also Shopify provides hosting itself so you do not need to care about it.

Support for big variety of business

When it comes to selling any kind of goods on Shopify, anything goes. The only strong unchangeable rule is that you can’t sell anything illegal, as much as tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarettes, fireworks and drugs.

But, if you always dreamed of selling anything from handcrafted goods or beauty supplies to events or online classes – shopify is welcome and ready to help you to grow.


Shopify is dropshipping friendly. A lot of highly successful dropshippers chose it as a platform for many ears. Shopify integrates with top names like Oberlo or Waredock, so it makes dropshipping from your admin much easier.

Support for multichannel

If you are a multichannel merchant and decide to sell online as much as in-person, Shopify is the best choice for you.

When you sign up for Shopify, you automatically get an account for Shopify POS. That program is really good for offline salesmen, it lets you easily complete in-person transactions and proses credit card payments. Your accounts are synchronized, so any inventory change you make in any of the platforms appears on others.


Shopify is really safe, when it comes to data of customers. Same time it let’s data to be reliably accessible at all the times. Both of it is a highly important to any merchant, and security system of Shopify  provides all that successful e-commerce shop need to function.

So, is it for you?

Shopify was designed to be interesting for small and medium online business owners, who want to create their online shop. It provides everything that average internet user needs to build a distinguished brand identity and unique designed shop.

Since 2015 Shopify  extended its features and now its offers interesting options for large e-commerce and multichannel business. So if your ambitions lie in one of that areas, Shopify would be an excellent place to realize them.