How to Safely Pack Your Parcels



Christmas might have come and gone, but it’s likely we’re still sending items to others. Deliveries in the run-up to the festive season, combined with the increase in online shoppers in 2020, means that some gifts aren’t likely to have arrived in time. 

But, whether we’re posting out belated gifts to loved ones or returning items, it’s always worth knowing some clever ways to keep our parcels safe in transit. After all, we want them to get there in one piece. 

If you’re looking for tips for keeping your heavier parcels protected, here are some ideas to send via courier with confidence. 

Plan ahead

If you know what you’re sending, you’ll be able to plan how big a box you need. This also gives you a head start when selecting packing materials as you can take some time to choose the bubble wrap or lining that you think will protect your items. 

In addition, having an idea of what you’re sending means you can take some time to choose your courier. Do some research into what different delivery companies can offer and take your pick from the providers that you think are most suited to what you need.   

Make sure you’re sending appropriate items too. Check the restricted list, which you can usually find on the courier you’ve chosen’s the website. This is especially important if you’re sending it to other countries as the rules can vary. 

Pack it in

Carefully pack your parcels so that any heavier items have added protection. While your chosen courier service nyc, for example, will handle packages with care, items naturally shift in transit, so it’s worth taking the time to add as much protection for your parcel as possible.

To do this, start with the outside and work your way in. Will your items need to be packaged in a corrugated cardboard box or does it need something sturdy such as a solid board? 

Once you have selected the right container, you can pop some cushioning inside. Scrunched up paper or polystyrene is an ideal buffer, while valuable or fragile items will require soft padding around each piece. 

Next, reinforce the edges and opening of the box with tape to keep it from opening. Also, if your parcel is traveling far, you may need to add further padding and packaging to make sure it can withstand a long journey. 

Keep track

You might also need insurance for your items, especially when sending important items. Look into any policies or extended liability options that you might need before sending.  

Also, for added peace of mind, chose a courier that allows you to track your parcel so that you know where it is at every stage of the journey. This will allow you to see where it’s been and how long it has to go.