Comparison and Benefits of Online Store

online store

online store

Today we decided to compare a regular offline store and its virtual counterpart. In order to minimize bias towards a particular store, we will consider a certain abstract store. Both ordinary customers and store owners will make a decision. Whatever, you will decide lemme tell you every other person doing online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery, trend increasing rapidly.

Pros of the online store

Let’s start with the advantages of an online shopping. Here are 12 specific advantages that allow us to cast our ballots in favor of virtual sales.

Initial capital. Opening an online store is many times cheaper than a real supermarket. Moreover, like the area for an offline store, online stores are now rented, the rental price is from very low per month without restrictions on the footage 🙂

The content of the store. The content of the online store is relatively inexpensive for their owners. No need to rent retail space, provide a presentable view of shop windows, spend money on cleaning services, ensure safety and security, hire sellers and train them.

Safety, nevertheless, will have to be taken care of. This, of course, is not about thieves detained by vigilant guards or electronic security devices, but about cyber fraudsters who steal money from user accounts or simply gain access to customer databases in a hacked online store. Here you can be advised to choose experienced specialists as executors, and entrust the implementation of online payments to reliable contractors.

Analytics is another significant plus of the online store. All orders and purchases made in the online store will be recorded in the system, and you can find out which products are ordered more often, at what time, from which cities, etc. This is much more complete information about sales and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns than the “dry” reports from the accounting program.

The number of buyers. Of course, many are interested in the question: do people buy over the Internet and is it possible to make money on it?

As you can see, a favorable environment is currently emerging for opening your own business on the Internet. What makes an online store attractive to a customer?

Price. The cost of goods in an online store is objectively lower, since the content of such a store is cheaper for the owner, which means less wrap on the goods. This undoubtedly applies to the advantages of the online store. Additionally, the user has to spend money on delivery, but this is not always the case, as some stores deliver free of charge, or the point of delivery of goods is located directly in the city of the buyer.

Time. The client does not need to go to several stores in search of the right product at a bargain price. He can familiarize himself with all the information on the site without leaving home. Online stores are able to take orders 24 hours a day without lunch and weekends at a convenient time for the client.

Among offline stores, there are also those that work 24 hours a day, but mostly grocery stores.

Psychological comfort. Visitors to online stores do not rush into the crowd of other buyers, do not wait for a free consultant to come up, there is no pressure from the seller.

Comparison of goods. The user can see photos from various angles, all specifications with the ability to compare. Here, as a rule, reviews of other users are available, or non-independent portals and forums can be found with them. In an ordinary store, in most cases we rely on the opinion of a consultant, which may be biased.

Advanced search. The user can set his requirements for the product, and the store will instantly show suitable products (for example, indicate the price range, year of manufacture, manufacturer, etc.). An ordinary consultant is not able to store and process this information in his head.

Geography. You can access virtual storefronts from anywhere. After all, it’s very inconvenient for some to leave, and here all the shops are in one place, on the computer screen.

Assortment. Despite the wide range of products in offline stores, far from all cities have exclusive brands and brands of clothing, shoes, gifts, or, for example, technical innovations. Therefore, sometimes the only way to buy such vip products is to buy in an online store.

To make expensive purchases on the Internet is only on trusted sites, because the authenticity of the acquired brand is very difficult to determine remotely.

Anonymity. None of my friends will come across when leaving the store. But perhaps the client wanted to make a surprise or just go unnoticed.