4 Lucky Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Parcel Audit



There are a hundred plus another hundred reasons why most businesses keep all activities and functions in-house. But sometimes, outsourcing becomes a smart move that you just have to take whether in the case of retrieving lost data or getting a highly-skilled professional accountant or business advisor to get your pro forma done. But in the case of a parcel audit, while you may be so reluctant about outsourcing your business’, I have explained 4 important benefits of outsourcing your parcel audit below. Before getting started, if you’d like to palletize your shipping in Chattanooga, get the best pallet manufacturer available in Chattanooga here. Still here, let’s drill into the promised 4 benefits of parcel audit outsourcing.

1-8% Monetary Returns

Recovering lost funds is not an easy task that can be executed by the layman. For lost funds to be recovered, it requires the inputs of an experienced, certified parcel auditor in terms of energy, time, and most especially, knowledge. An expert auditor can inspect up to 60 points of your parcel invoice to locate the areas where lost funds can be recovered such as erroneous residential charges, late deliveries, and manifested goods that were never truly shipped. Yes, it’s that serious.

Save Time

What’s one of the most valuable assets in the lives of every individual and business? Yes, you guess right, the answer is time. Without time, nothing is possible. You cannot take that next big product project from planning to actualization without time. You cannot manage your customer relationship perfectly without time. So, instead of wasting time away disputing about declination, radar-tracking all the shipments, and filing claims, and external parcel auditors take the trouble off your neck so you can spend time growing your business and doing other things that matter.




Whatever is done by an expert in the subject field has a great deal of accuracy and precision in it, and is therefore reliable. By calling in an external auditor for your parcel, they are able to come up with useful reporting. Here’s what I mean by reporting is useful. Firstly, a valuable insight into your distribution will provide you with something to work with during a negotiation with FedEx or UPS. also, good reporting gives you the needed information to optimize your supply chain and cut down your shipping costs. Yes, it’s that useful. Finally, with reporting, you can standardize your shipping process in its entirety. Okay, that’s enough to make you throw the next call at an auditor. But there’s one more below.

Your Current Accounting Process Is Undisturbed

Changing a system is the most difficult thing in every aspect of life. In your business, it may be changing an accounting process that you’ve been accustomed to for years. But a professional auditor wouldn’t change your process. They can only do the professional findings and make sure that whatever refunds they secure are credited to your account. Remember, you only pay your auditor an amount that the two parties have agreed upon which is usually a particular percentage of the refunded funds. Also, note that most parcel auditors won’t charge you anything in a case where no refund is found to be made by your shipper.