Why is Meme Marketing a Big Thing?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Meme marketing is becoming more and more popular. Why is it such a big thing? Memes have been around for quite a while, and many brands have begun to jump on the bandwagon. But why is it all the rave? Here are just some of the many advantages that you get for marketing with memes.

Marketing with a Meme costs $0 from a creative point of view

Advertising, historically, requires incurring creative costs. Even a simple flyer often has to be done by a graphic designer. At best, if you have minimal talent, you work several hours before finalizing a proof to send to a printer.

With the same marketing, you only need an idea and 30 seconds to produce your “advertisement”. There are dozens of meme generators on the web, ready to go. A simple Google search and you will see that the choice of platform is expansive.

Marketing with a meme forces you to clarify your message, while associating an emotion and humor and making it more relatable.

There’s hardly anything worse when you are doing marketing than delivering a complicated and convoluted message. It is quite possible to go wrong when you create your marketing materials from A to Z. This is much less frequent when you take memes are the basis of its communication.

Indeed, you only have a few characters to get your message across; you automatically avoid long empty sentences such as “our solutions meet your needs”.

In addition, since you are using a basic image, which is very communicative in itself, you must “stick” to your message and emotion so that everything gives a coherent rendering that will echo in the mind of your target.

Memes allow you to adopt a different tone, which differentiates your brand

Marketing has always aimed to differentiate, position and make brands unique. With a meme, a company can adopt a different tone in its communication, which is more distinctive than that of its competitors.

By nature, the meme gives relief to your brand and humanizes it. For these qualities, some advertisers no longer hesitate to include a meme in their external advertising: if you recently took the metro in Paris, you may have come across Yomoni’s campaign, and the famous cat meme?

It’s a quirky and totally unusual way of talking about savings products. This ultimately reinforces the atypical image (and far from traditional banks) that the advertiser wishes to appropriate.

Memes are a good way to take advantage of the “visual web” which increasingly dominates the web

As you know, visual content becomes capital for your web marketing. It’s the centerpiece of your content strategy, the “image” in the broad sense must be considered in an integrated manner into your marketing thinking.

But the same happily complements all your content marketing efforts. Hence the desire of a site creation platform like Wix to integrate a connector with the largest bank of animated MEMEs, Giphy. The famous publisher has therefore also grasped the power of the same marketing!

The connector with Giphy is truly native: if you are editing a blog on your Wix site, all you need to do is click on the GIF button and, magic! You access and search directly among thousands of animated MEMEs present on Giphy. If a platform of sites like Wix has understood the interest for any publisher of inserting facial expressions of famous actors or small videos of cats which are the delight of Internet users, it is because memes of all kinds have become relevant to all types of web content!

Moreover, more and more blogs are using memes in the middle of their article to give rhythm to the art of reading, and to give a breath of intellectual air to the visitor to better capture his attention and encourage him to stay interested. It is therefore common to find several blog posts – very serious incidentally – which dot their prose with memes. This is the case, for example, with certain articles that can be found on Moz, one of the major authorities of SEO writing.

Becoming a part of user Conversation

Meme allows brands to connect with consumers in a humorous and fun way. Memes are mostly based on trending stuff that goes around the internet. Be it a popular scene from a significantly popular T.V series or just some Video gone viral. Users share Memes not only on social media but also in personal chats with their close friends. Memes just like most Conversation Media like GIFs, Stickers, And Avatars are also a very easy way by which brands can become a part of user conversation.

These are just some of the major ways by which memes are taking over the globe.