What is Negative Keywords in Google Ads and how to use them effectively?

Google Ads

Google Ads

What is Keywords in Google Ads?

Google Ads is the paid marketing campaign by using which you can target the users who are searching for particular keywords in Google and make them land on your business website. When you are starting a campaign in Google Ads, You will be adding the keywords which you are planning to show ads for in Google Search. So this keywords will be added to the campaign based on the Keyword match types available in Google like phrase match, exact match, broad match. Based on your campaign strategy, you need will be choosing the required match type in Google Ads.

So this is all about target keywords. In the target keywords section, you will be adding the keywords which you are planning to get clicks for. So negative keywords are just opposite to the target keywords. In the negative keywords list, you will be telling Google for which keywords to not to show the ads. So let’s see more detailed about the negative keywords in this blog.

What are keyword match types?

In Google Ads, you can target the search queries by using the keyword match types like broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match. Based on your campaign goals, you can use one of the keyword match type to target the search queries. When you use the broad match or broad match modifier types, then the chances for the irrelevant clicks to the ads will be higher. On the other hand, if you use the exact match type, the chances for the irrelevant clicks is very less.

Hence as a business owner, if you are planning to start the Google Ads campaign with the very minimum budget, then you can use the exact match keywords as the chance for the irrelevant clicks will be less. But it depends on the campaign goal, If your just planning to drive more users to your business website and create brand awareness, then you can proceed with broad match modifier or the phrase match type.

If you are running the Google Ads campaign to drive sales to the business website. Then you should be very focused with respect to keywords and should narrow down the keywords by using the exact match type. When you use the exact match keyword type, you know exactly for which keywords you are getting clicks for. So there will be no chance for the irrelevant clicks. So based on your campaign goal you can chose the best keyword match type which is suitable to achieve your targets.

What is Negative Keywords in Google Ads?

Negative keywords are the search terms which you are adding in your campaign to make Google to not to show ads for those particular search terms. Here you may have the question like, Why I should use negative keywords? Yes, You should give more importance to the negative keywords as well.

Let’s take an example, say if you are running a Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic to the SEO Agency in London like ClickDo. Here if you are planning to target the keywords related seo services, then you can target them by adding the search terms like “seo services”, “seo services london”, “seo consultant london” and similar terms.

So if you are adding these keywords as the phrase match in the Google Ads, then your ads will be appearing for all the search queries which contains these terms like “seo services”, “seo services london”, “seo consultant london”. Here comes the issue, Say if the user searches for terms like “what is seo services” or “how to start seo services”, then your ads will appear for these terms as well as it has the phrase “seo services” in it. In this case, these keywords “how to start seo services”, ”what is seo services” are not the potential search terms. Hence these terms should be avoided. So you can add these terms as the Negative Keywords in the campaign.

When you add the terms like “how to start seo services” as a negative keyword to the campaign. Then your ads will not appear for those terms even if it has the phrase “seo services”. So this is how you need to update the negative keyword list regularly to avoid the irrelevant clicks to the campaigns. 

Why negative keywords should be give more importance?

When it comes to the Google Ads, the target search terms are usually given more importance. In the same way, negative keywords should be given equal priority and should be updated regularly to increase the campaigns performance. If you are starting  a fresh campaign, then may be after a couple of days or a week, if you review the keywords for which you have got clicks for, then you can find some of the irrelevant terms from that and can add that to the negative keyword list.

You should build the negative keyword list properly and over the period of time, you will get more value from the campaign if the negative keyword list is updated properly. Its not about just adding the target search terms to Google Ads campaigns. You should also give equal importance to avoid the irrelevant clicks which can be done with the help of the negative keywords list. 

How to hire the best Google AdWords agency?

If you are planning to start the Google Ads campaign for your business, then you should hire the best PPC Consultant like Dinesh Kumar VM from ClickDo. Before hiring an PPC Consultant or agency, you should make sure that they have proven case studies with the previous clients. For instance, You can check out many Google Ads case studies which is updated by the Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond in his Digital Marketing Agency website, ClickDo. Hiring the right PPC Consultant for your business will make sure that your budget for the Google Ads campaign is utilized in the proper way for more ROI.