What is Digital Marketing at its core and what all it includes?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

If there is one thing that has taken the digital business to a new peak then it is Digital Marketing. We do not hear the word life today as much as we read and hear about Digital Marketing. Consequently, a big lot of market experts like Blurn has started offering digital marketing services to meet up the demands. But what exactly is this thing called Digital Marketing? And how does it work in real terms?

Understanding Digital marketing!

Back when there was no internet in the world, businesses still used to run. Back then, businesses still used to require marketing and promotion to reach the mass. The basic idea was to spread the word in between the crowd and make them remember it. So when the public needs something that you offer, they come to you. But it is not this simple, there is competition too and thus complexities arise.

Now, in the modern world, the psychology of doing business remains the same. It is just that the ways of doing it has changed. Now, the businesses have gone digital. They have a website that represents the company, an ecommerce platform to sell their products and services, and ways of marketing it. Because over 60% of the world now spends its time on the internet, the companies need to target them digitally. But how do they do it? They use different proven strategies. For example, Blurn offers the best solution for your marketing needs and employs a proven concoction of different strategies to tailor the demands of specific businesses.

What does Digital Marketing include?

Digital marketing simply employs various means to reach the targeted customer base. For it various channels get employed. Here are a few examples of what all is used to promote the company’s name.

  • Email channel
  • SMS channel
  • Social Media marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Behavioral Retargeting and remarketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Blogs and copywriting
  • Affiliate or Influencer marketing
  • Podcasts

If you go to any digital marketing agency, you’ll usually find a mix of a few from these many strategies. Using all these at once leads to a higher cost and is thus often proscribed. Says Blurn, Digital Marketing Services work best after a thorough investigation of the market condition and the business requirement. Proper planning not only saves money but also provides maximum results.

For example, choosing Email marketing might prove futile if your target customer base rarely opens Emails. Thus, in such cases Emails are often avoided to bring down the marketing cost. Furthermore, if your customers consume video content in large amounts, using Video marketing can prove to be an excellent strategy.

Can a website rank without Digital Marketing?

This question troubles many – can a website rank on SERP without any digital marketing effort? We will understand it through a simple real life analogy.

Suppose you have opened a digital clock shop in the market. But at the time you opened your shop, there were many other shops already running for a long time. If you think logically, old shops tend to get a higher customer count. Will you see your shop suffering losses or will you do something? Chances are, you will adopt many marketing strategies to attract more customers and start getting higher profits. Companies use all the possible tactics to outrun their competitors. They invest in marketing because they know the revenue growth they will be getting later on. The same happens with websites and search engines.

At present, most of the business gets done using the internet. The companies that start getting ranking on top of SERP takes 75% of the total customer base. Rarely do people click on the second Google page. This is why there is a brutal amount of competition for the top SERP page. And to get on the top of SERP, companies invest in millions to employ different marketing strategies. To be true, ranking on top of SERP without Digital Marketing is like flying in the sky without aeroplanes and jets. It is terribly tough. Blurn says Digital Marketing services are like coaches for websites. They help them run longer and faster. But you need to consider one thing.


The idea is to get a thorough investigation done before investing into marketing. Some businesses might even need a good base before it is ready to be pushed for Digital Marketing. The idea is to get consulted by experts. Blurn offers the best solution for your marketing needs and has been increasing the profits of companies in manifold. Check them out and know what sort of nourishment your business needs.

Marketing and Promotion is like food for business, you have to take care of it at any cost. Without it the business is sure to die. Look for digital marketing services around you to provide your business what it needs in this highly competitive world.