What are the Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Personal Trainers?

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective ways for personal trainers to market and promote their businesses. But, to succeed with social media, you need the right knowledge, the right skills as well as the right set of tools.

However, the digital landscape is flooded with all manner of social media marketing tools, making it extremely hard and overwhelming to choose the right one. Fortunately, we’ve made things easier for you. In this article, we will share the top five best social media marketing tools to take your fitness business to the next level.


Buffer is an all-in-one social media marketing tool for businesses and individuals. You can use it to schedule posts, manage several social media accounts, and analyze performance, among other features. Originally, Buffer was designed for Twitter. But since then, it has increased its coverage to almost all the main social media channels.

While Buffer is mainly known for being a robust social media scheduling tool, its analytics feature is equally powerful. You can use this feature to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of your posts. And from there, you will be able to adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Buffer is user-friendly, has a great user interface and has extensions for popular browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Opera.


Video remains one of the most effective ways of grabbing people’s attention on social media. Also, it communicates messages more easily, compared to static images or plain text.

However, a recent survey shows that approximately 69% of people watch videos on mute or with sound off, especially in public places. The same survey also notes that 80% of consumers are likely to watch the whole video if it has captions or subtitles.

So, whenever you are creating videos for your social media channels, you need to include captions and subtitles, to maximize their reach and effectiveness. Also, adding captions to your videos will make them accessible to your target audience who may have hearing challenges.

And this is where HappyScribe comes in. With this tool, you will be able to automatically generate captions and subtitles for your social media videos. What’s more interesting is that you can translate the video’s subtitles to more than 120 languages, accents and dialects.


You’ve probably heard a hundred times that you should incorporate engaging and appealing visuals in your social media posts. Adding visual content to your social media posts will grab attention, boost your engagement, increase views for your posts and boost conversions.

But, what happens if you are not a professional graphics designer or you don’t have the money to hire one? Well, Canva was specifically designed to solve this challenge. With Canva, you create stunning social media graphics, without any experience or help.

With Canva, you can opt to start with a blank template or use any of the platform’s ready-to-use templates. You also have the option of downloading ready-made social media templates from a third party, and editing them using the platform’s range of editing features and tools. Whichever option you choose, you should be able to come up with striking social media graphics with Canva.


It’s important to track and monitor conversations around your brand on social media. You will know what your target audience is saying about your products or services, your industry or even the industry at large.

But, tracking and monitoring these conversations manually is akin to finding a needle in a haystack – it’s almost impossible. The good news is that there’s a particular social media marketing tool, specifically built for this purpose. And, this is none other than Agorapulse.

With this tool’s inbox, you will be able to track and monitor your personal training brand’s mentions, conversations, ad comments as well as reviews related to your products or services, all under a single dashboard. You can then use these insights to improve your services and steer ahead of the competition.


With a current user base of over 18 million professionals, Hootsuite remains one of the most popular social media marketing tools. And, it’s easy to see why.

With this multifaceted tool, you can manage different social media channels in one dashboard, schedule posts days or weeks in advance and publish across your different social media channels in bulk.

Also, this tool will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your social media performance, respond to questions, complaints and inquiries on social media, and even curate content for you. Hootsuite will also enable you to track your competitors on social media and analyze their engagement levels, among other key features.


The tools we’ve discussed here will help to streamline your social media marketing operations and efforts. From creating visually appealing social media content to scheduling posts, monitoring conversations happening around your brand to analyzing your performance on social media, these tools have it all. You simply need to weigh your social media requirements and then choose the right ones for your fitness business.