Virtual Booths: The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In the past few years, we’ve seen many digital marketing trends come and go, but few have had the disruptive potential of virtual booths. Although they’ve been around for a while now, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 crisis that their adoption rate grew, and marketers understood just how much they could help boost visibility and maximize online engagement. Although they’re not a complete replacement for the real-world experience of trade shows, virtual booths are the near-perfect equivalent and, even after the pandemic is over, many businesses will continue to use them because of their high ROI.

Virtual booths take interactive experience to a whole new level.

The average modern consumer comes in contact with at least 5,000 messages from brands every day. That’s a lot of noise, and, to stand out from the crowd, marketers have been continuously trying to think of ways to create memorable user experiences. Interactivity is one of the best solutions in this case. Unlike traditional marketing, interactive marketing involves two-way communication channels that allow users to connect with the company directly.

Virtual booths are the perfect examples of interactive marketing because they engage users and make the experience worth their time. Virtual booths feature elements such as immersive video tours, quizzes, polls, contents, webinars, and live chat systems so that the user is constantly connected to your brand. This kind of approach has three benefits:

  • It makes the online experience more memorable, just like in the case of a brick-and-mortar trade show
  • It boosts the conversion rate
  • It promotes brand loyalty

They give you valuable insights into lead behavior.

In-person trade shows are great for many reasons. But let’s picture the following scenario: a potential client comes to the trade show and registers to visit your booth. However, on the way to the booth, they get distracted, pick up promotional materials from other companies, arrive late to your presentation, and leave early. When it’s time to follow-up on that lead, you don’t know that they did all these things; you only have their contact details. But with virtual booths, you can have more insights into the lead’s behavior because it’s trackable. You’ll know when they arrived at the booth, when they left, and what sections they visited. You’ll know what questions they asked, and you’ll be able to leverage this information to enhance the experience and cater to their needs. For example, based on their behavior while exploring the virtual booth, you can draft tailored emails and marketing messages.

Prospecting leads into paying customers can be tricky, but virtual booths offer the right infrastructure for this and empower you to make informed decisions without relying on guesswork.

They offer high ROI with a single investment.

Virtual booths combine the best of trade shows and digital marketing, at the lowest price possible. In fact, when comparing the costs and returns, virtual booths offer an unbeatable ROI. After the virtual booth is ready, businesses can keep them live for as long as they want, and people can explore them 24/7. In comparison, trade shows are only open for a few days a year, and most of the time only leads from the guest country are able to attend. Preparing and managing a traditional trade show booth can be costly and time-consuming, but you can sometimes achieve similar results with a lot less. Needless to say, virtual booths can bring a variety of engaging features under the same roof: video tours, 3D presentations, product documentations, webinars, Q&As, brochures, and much more. All of these combined maximize the efficiency of the virtual booth, boosting the conversion rate and achieving multiple marketing goals with a single investment.

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