Tips for Charities: How to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Strategy  

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Charities flourish on the generosity and loyalty of their donors, and like all non-profits, careful financial management plays a key role in longevity and effectiveness. Without regular donations and new sources of income, finances can start to falter, often leading to a tragic end for a noble and important cause.

To ensure your own charity does not befall this fate, a strong marketing campaign is in order, one that resonates with your audience without compromising the core values of your organization.

If you need some extra help in this regard, it’s important to take the power of the digital world seriously and boost your presence online. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Partner with the Right People

Enlisting the help of a seasoned group of expert marketing professionals can give your efforts the boost they need. Thankfully, great companies like Eleven Marketing specialize in helping charities with their marketing campaigns, so it’s certainly worth checking them out if you need some guidance.

Opting to partner with an agency that understands the importance of a charity, shares a passion for the mission, and knows all the latest tips and tricks is a good way to move forward.

Leverage Social Media

Social media marketing can be a wonderfully effective way of getting noticed by many in a very short period of time, provided you make the right moves. Failing to establish at least some form of social media presence is likely going to be detrimental to your digital marketing strategy, particularly since it can be used in unison with many other great techniques.

Channels like Instagram are great for driving engagement as the medium is inherently more interactive than other platforms, so now might be the time to start creating original visual content – this can add value to your message and help your prospective donors get to know you.

Develop an Accessible and Beautiful Website

Digital marketing can be tough without a strong website to serve as your anchor in the online realm. Your website will probably be the first point of contact for many donors looking to interact with your brand, which is one of the many reasons why taking the time to create a beautiful and accessible website is so important.

Scaring people off with a clunky, ugly, and outdated website is certainly no one’s idea of a strong marketing strategy. Sometimes, revisiting the basics is the best move in this regard. It is worth asking yourself vital questions like:

  • Is my website easy to use? It needs to be as easy as possible for people to donate in the first place. Otherwise, they might change their minds halfway through the process.
  • Is it professional? Any copy you write needs to be engaging and, at the very least, grammatically correct.
  • Is it Informative? Is your cause, methodology, progress, and mission statement fully outlined and easy for everyone to see? People need to know what exactly it is that they’re donating to if you aim to convince them to donate anything to begin with.

A digital marketing campaign can be long-winded, but they’re often amazingly effective, so don’t hesitate to explore the online world in its entirety.