The Role of SEO In Digital Marketing    

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With all the competition in the infinite space of the internet, you might wonder how anyone stands a chance anymore. There is so much scale for potential: anyone can upload, post, and advertise their businesses and services online – but not everyone can get noticed.

Sometimes it’s not even about the luck of the draw or the quality and presentation of your business. Obviously that helps, and you should definitely spend time and effort on making your website look and function as great as possible by hiring great graphic designers and web developers. But the secret magic that propels a business forward on the Internet is a little thing called SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a technique used by businesses to get noticed. By using the right keywords that people are likely to type into search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, a business will appear higher on the search engine’s results. And that’s how SEO helps.

This article will aim to delve deeper into SEO and show you why and how it’s so important. Leaving you to think more about taking on the right SEO strategy for your business.

Get Noticed

SEO is the technical strategy of getting noticed. What good is having a business if no one can find it? With SEO pushing you higher up on the search engine results, you’re sure to find increased traffic and customers visiting your website.

As the king of search engines, Google is the main focus for SEO. Everyone knows we only usually click the first five links on the first page of Google. If something that someone is searching for doesn’t appear on that first page, it doesn’t exist as far as most people are concerned.

How is SEO Used?

SEO keywords and key phrases that are relevant to both a business, and what people are searching for to find said business, are inserted into the content of websites.

These keywords will be included in website pages, product descriptions, articles and blogs on websites, and even places like titles, adverts themselves and the descriptions you find underneath the titles on Google (these are known as meta descriptions).

SEO is the not so secret, secret little tactic that gets businesses found. You can also think of it as being similar to hashtags that users put on their social media posts to be found by other people that share the same interests.

How to Get SEO Help

If your business is in need of a boost up the search engine pages, then get in touch with a digital marketing agency. Some of these agencies are known as full service, which means they do everything; graphic design, web design, content writing, marketing and SEO.

To find an agency that will help you with what you need, simply type in something like graphic design London or seo Essex, depending on where you’re located, and these key phrases will bring up results to suit you.

How Digital Marketers Create SEO Strategies

A digital marketing agency will have SEO experts that can analyse and understand what search terms people use. They can then utilise this knowledge of common phrasing and words used when people search for a service to decide what SEO keywords to apply to, and boost, your business.

The SEO team will work alongside the marketing and content writing team to work those keywords into the written content on your website.

Not only this, but after this SEO based content is added. A good digital marketing agency will continue to keep an eye on the results, tracking and measuring progress to share with you. They’ll let you know how your website has been doing, sharing statistics of traffic and conversions. They’ll also use this information to continue improving with each piece of new content you hire them to make.

SEO Tips

A good tip for understanding SEO is to imagine you are one of your customers. What would you type into Google to find your services? And when you do this, do you show up? Take notice of where your business rivals are ranking on Google and what they’re doing too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re starting a business or want to improve it, investing in an SEO strategy from an expert digital marketing team is definitely worthwhile. Your business will be booming.