The Importance Of Facebook Likes In Social Media Marketing



digToday, there are about 3.9 billion social media users, which is roughly 40% of the world’s population. This makes social media marketing a critical aspect of any business’ online marketing efforts.

According to recent data, of the total number of social media users, Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users. This makes Facebook marketing arguably the most important to almost any business.

One of the most crucial parts of Facebook marketing is FB likes. Facebook’s algorithm is designed to reward pages with many likes, making this essential in your FB marketing efforts.

However, it is not always easy to get likes. At least, not enough to give your business the desired reach. It could also get very difficult to get likes when you are just starting.

Thankfully, you can use Facebook-supported tools like FB auto liker to remarkably boost your Facebook likes.

This tool can increase your Facebook likes by automatically liking comments, posts, and pages on your behalf.

You also do not have to worry about spam because the tool is predefined. That is, you get to decide the pages and comments it can like.

Some platforms like Zebrabuzz also offer FB auto liker as part of a subscription package which includes a bot that can have automated conversations, delete unwanted comments and replies from your page, complete sales, make product posts, among many others.

This can reduce the workload on you and at the same time boost your business to a wide range of Facebook users through increased likes.

Besides magnifying your reach, here are other benefits of Facebook likes in your social media marketing efforts:

Facebook Likes Are Social Proof

Having a lot of followers and likes on your Facebook page is social proof that shows the popularity and credibility of your business.

When your Facebook page visitors and potential customers see that you have many likes on your posts and page, they are more confident to do business with you.

This is because many people attach increased likes to endorsement by the Facebook users who like.

When prospects or visitors come to your Facebook page and see little or no engagements, they won’t be motivated to like the page or purchase from you.

People are more likely to interact and engage with your Facebook business page when they see that others are already doing it.

Increased Exposure

More likes on your Facebook page means you are likely to go viral and increase your exposure. The Facebook algorithm works such that when a user likes a page, it reflects on their friends’ news feed or as recommendations in the sidebar.

Although this does not guarantee that the new friends will also like the page, it certainly boosts your business’ exposure which is a great way to increase conversions.

Increased Potential for More Business in the Long Run

Facebook likes increases your chances of building long-term relationships with your followers. Each new like is an opportunity to engage the user and lead them through the sales funnel.

As you interact with them, becoming their friend, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand, which increases the possibilities of making higher sales in the future.

Exposure for your Other Marketing Strategies

When you connect your Facebook marketing with other aspects of your social media marketing, you will be increasing the exposure you have on multiple fronts.

For instance, if your Facebook page is connected to your eCommerce website, mobile app, email list, and other social media pages, more likes mean you expose those channels to more attention from users.

This can help you develop your business all-around, which can be richly rewarding both now and in the long run.

With the high chances of getting more sales and exposure through increased Facebook likes, it is essential that while you make compelling posts to attract users and potential customers, you also use an intelligent tool like an FB auto liker to make your work easier.