Public Relations Must Evolve in a Digital Marketing Age

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

I appreciate the changes in best practices recommended following the great pandemic and quarantine of 2020, and would supplement them with the reminder that one of the legacies of the lockdown going forward will be an increased reliance on virtual communications.  Professionals and organizations will frankly have to become more adept in porting their skills to a digital marketing context in order to replace the direct physical dynamics of traditional PR efforts.

For example, creating your own blog content with both articles and presentation videos would be a preferable baseline for sharing promotional material, in those times where personal contact is not an available option. In this format, communication can then be as simple as sharing the url link to the blog or social media page. But video by itself is more engaging, which can help improve the user experience (UX) or increase the dwell time visitors spend on your website portal.

Another solution is to concentrate on writing unique content that is relevant to the campaign and publish it on a promotional web page. But add a miscellaneous embedded YouTube video that is closely related to the page the PR staffer originally prepared. To save time, perhaps conduct a search for an already existing video first, find something close enough (whether it was created by you or not), then write your more precise article to appear with the embedded video. So you may end up using both kinds of content, with better UX, without doing double labor. Both content types, presented virtually, can compensate for the lack of direct contact normally associated with public relations.

There may be new issues encountered from using the online methods, just as there are issues with using traditional PR, so making the conversion to the newer media as a default platform of communicating projects will require additional training. To recover the labor and training costs earning a variety of means of monetizing the digital presence, from utilizing Google Adsense to other methods. Finding workarounds to monetization problems with each method is the way to go, as you replace the traditional methods of PR that you, for now, won’t happen to be using.