6 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Reach Using Videos

6 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Reach Using Videos

6 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Reach Using Videos

Now, if your organization doesn’t have social media accounts, it just does not EXIST in the world of branding. In the last few years, users, and especially millennials, are more serious when making their purchases, they generally need to do research about new brands, how they operate, what their values ​​are, what connection they have with your clients, what promotions do you provide, what are the qualities of your products, what do other users think about them.

You can add text to video for making your video more attractive and this strategy is very successful in video marketing, the fact is that the text video content is more knowledgeable than normal videos. The videos on social networks can capture the attention and enhance the engagement of the brand, and for that reason. Have you ever searched for an unboxing or a review of a technological product? Have you ever used trendy hauls on YouTube? On the lookout for tutorials to know whether a tool offers you exactly what you’re searching for?

For this, you need to start video marketing for your organization, but before start work, we’re going to provide you advice that you need to take consideration in your marketing strategy.

What do you need to keep in mind while creating your video marketing plan?

You can start making videos for your organization with quality content, and you have to consider certain things to develop the best video for marketing strategy. So we suggest that you make draw your marketing thoughts and objectives on paper or online platforms. With Canva, you will be empowered to design by creating your video content using its easy-to-use video editor to make it more visual and compelling. Canva recently launched Its powerful editing tools and features that will let you craft an awesome and professional-looking videos, even if you are a beginner or a pro editor.

1. Add Animated Text To A Video

Creatorkit.com is the best place to add text as well as animated text, captions in the video that helps you to make your video more attractive, and give you higher engagement in return, these engagements converts in more sales.

2. Select Your Ideal Social Media Platform For Video Marketing.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,Youtube

Today, there are lot of social networks, which means you have to stop thinking about where your target audience is. This decision is dependent upon your type of business, and your objectives from the content plan . Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram will be the top platforms in which users prefer to buy products, but you can also choose others.


This is a big video platform. The age range is from 16 to 35 years. Regarding this stage, you need to know that over 1 billion hours of video are seen daily and that it is within 90 countries, and users spend an average of 8 minutes and 41 seconds every day.


The reality is that Facebook is a big Social Media. Every day it has been millions of visits, and content in video format is gaining popularity, so there’s the ideal niche here. Also, videos are among the most shared content on Facebook, regarding the number of variety of users. Lastly, it needs to be noted that Facebook allows videos to be uploaded with copyright.

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The social network to capture the moment! It was designed for photography and videos, and also the stories and IGTV. Instagram create new ways to generate video content. It is a social network where young audiences and short videos abound. This makes it an ideal platform in which to make small product tutorials, make live videos, upload demo videos. And keep in close contact with users and potential customers.


The video is not very abundant on this platform, so betting on it can be taking a step out of the competition if it is done correctly. It also offers tools such as live broadcasts or Moments, where you can see the videos that are trending. Do you dare with the video on Twitter?

Consider which device is mostly used for watching videos. This is a question that content creators always ask me. When you finish a piece, whatever it is, that’s likely to be shared on social networks, consider whether it’s a form of content that you would talk about, either in your own wall or in the event you would send somebody you know. Consider creating videos that are easy to share and that promote them, also, to generate interactions. I know it isn’t easy, but in the event, you have this in mind, you have a step done, you can increase your Twitter followers using Twesocial easily.

3. Emotions!

Do you understand what sort of videos is the most common on social networks? Those who appeal to feelings. You can’t always create this sort of video, but they’re ideal videos to discuss organization goals, its values, its history.

Attempt to create videos for social networks that touch the heart that’s not empty of content. And watch out! How a video is emotional doesn’t mean it is sad or sensitive; I’m not talking about being creating nougat videos! There are some emotions, and the important thing is to make them feel better to the consumer.

4. Tell a story

The storytelling is the art of telling a story and is commonly useful in marketing to connect with users throughout the message being transmitted technique. Connect emotionally (yes, again, emotions) throughout the narrative!

Users will always remember how they felt about your content, even if they don’t know its message. Emotions are hard to forget. Therefore, it’s essential to transmit and deal with how it is said. Also, there are lots of kinds of storytelling, so this provides you with different alternatives.

5. Do not forget SEO!

Video marketing and SEO are together. Bear in mind that you don’t quit uploading a document to the Web so you can use your information to your benefit. Moreover, if you opt to use YouTube as a stage, it’ll be essential if you would like to look in first positions in the video search engine. Optimize videos by tags, description, and file names are necessary from the queen of video platforms.

But every social network has its video placement strategies, so I advise that you don’t leave it aside, don’t only upload the video, and devote research time before SEO placement in videos. Over time you may appreciate this tip!

6. Branding

Videos show a great deal more than you believe, the audiovisual format shows a lot more than words. The frames, the body language, the tone, the excitement, the editing. That’s the reason we suggest that you work well on the brand image on them. Remember that the identity of your organization and try to create everything related. Each video must properly reflect the values, style, and character of your organization. Consider how big brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Dove, do this and try to see how to apply it to your videos.