How to include videos in your email marketing?  

include videos in your email

Include videos in your email

Video is the perfect tool to increase awareness about your brand and is a great option for increasing customers for your email marketing strategy. It acts as rocket fuel for your email marketing. If the content provided by you in the video is engaging and attractive, then email marketing can prove to be a powerful tool to trap an internet audience towards your business. 

Adding video to your email marketing system will give several advantages to your business. But adding just any video cannot be beneficial for you, you need to create your video with such a tool which gives fruitful results to your business. There exist many such tools, but InVideo being the best tool to create promotion and brand videos for your business. By using video you can make appropriate and short but informative content for your email marketing.

Using videos as a popular tool to increase the popularity of email marketing

With the advancement of technology, email marketing being at the top of all tools to increase awareness regarding your business. Video is the most attractive way to generate trust amongst the public about your product and services. We have got to know about the best of all tools InVideo to create a customer-friendly video to enhance your email marketing. But the questions arise here is how to imbibe videos in your email marketing. Here are some methods of using videos in email marketing

1. Using the video in the subject line – Adding video to the beginning of your email will increase your revenue by 19%. Put it in some attractive quotes at the beginning of the subject line or at the end of it to make it look more clear and engaging.

2. Place the video below your email copy – Write a description of your video in one line because most people believe that a video email without description is not genuine and fake. The description should deliver a message about the video to the viewers. 

3. Enable autoplay – Nowadays viewers are looking for easy access to videos in email marketing. They want that by just tapping the video once, it starts playing instantly, so make sure to click your autoplay button so that the viewers do not get frustrated and Irritated.

4. Include captions to videos – Nowadays people want to play the videos on low sound especially when they are at work and do not want to disturb the surroundings. So make sure to add captions to your video so that by watching only people get to know about your services and products.

5. Use animated creation – Most people choose to watch videos with some animation characters to convey the message. This looks more attractive and engaging for the customers to know about your product and service more.

6. Reduce your file size – People used to prefer watching and downloading videos that utilize less storage that’s why make sure your video file is short which uses less storage.

7. Choose a medium that fits videos – People love videos on big screens like desktops and computer screens instead of a mobile phone screen. Create your video which fits every medium so that the viewers can watch it from anywhere.

Benefits that you will get from video email marketing

Video email marketing is very beneficial for your business. Video marketing email stands out from normal email marketing. Some benefits that will make email marketing an efficient and significant way for your marketing campaigns and it attracts most users worldwide.

1. It proves to be less time taking for both the senders and receivers. You can deliver your information about products and services in very less time or no time.

2. It goes viral very quickly as it is a very impressive way of informing people about your products and services. Through videos, you can get a very positive way of your business.

3. Adding videos to your email marketing can increase your marketing campaigns. It will be an effective way of promoting your brand.

4. It builds trust and credibility to your marketing campaign. Through videos, you can create and build a strong personality of your organization.

How to get started with video email marketing

Many people know about what video email marketing means, but very few people know how to get started with it. Listing some points below to help to start with video email marketing.

1. Plan your campaign – Before starting, first, ask yourself what is unique about your campaign. Planning your campaign will help you in setting objectives and goals. It will help you in generating brand awareness and announcing events.

2. Shoot great videos – Use the best shooting equipment like a DSLR to shoot for your campaigns. You can also use various video recording apps to get excellent and accurate results. 

3. Keep it short and unique – Make your videos short, simple, unique yet informative. Viewers like to go for short and crispy videos with all information about products and services.

4. Sharing will increase your impact – Share your videos on various social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get more publicity and customers for your campaigns. Sharing your content videos on digital platforms will help you to build a reputation in online marketing.

 5. Test it out – Before streaming your video on various platforms make sure to test it by sending it to your friends and families. Always ask their suggestions, advice, and opinions regarding your business to get optimum use of video content and to expand your growth.

Video email marketing is a great way of promotion and brand awareness. It will make your business to touch greater heights with earning high profits on digital platforms. It can also refer to being a part of “digital marketing”. By learning about various types, tips, and tricks of video email marketing, you can give your company or organization a brand new name digitally. In the COVID 19 pandemic also, video email marketing plays a vital role in continuing to develop marketing campaigns digitally across the world.