How to Get Leads in Your Sales? 

The key to the success and growth of any business is the constant expansion of the client base. Even though this growth may require significant investments – both financial and intellectual – fortunately, some methods and practices allow you to attract new potential customers with little or no effort. Let’s talk about them in this article.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

How to Generate Leads?

Let’s find out how to get leads easily, and how you can increase their number.

The easiest path to attracting potential customers is turning to a lead generation company, which will do all the dirty work for you. If you choose this way, you can contact us at Belkins. Our specialists will expand your TA and turn it into real customers.

How to get leads for sales?

Here are some tips on how to identify leads and convert them into real buyers:

  • define your target audience. For successful lead generation, you need to determine your TA. So, to find your perfect buyers, you have to decide on who they are, where they live, and what they do (i.e., you need to create the average client portrait);
  • choose the right promotion methods. You need targeted advertising that introduces your products and services to your TA to generate leads. Marketing solutions include an informational website, social media accounts, blogs, pay-per-click advertising, and general advertising;
  • create a sales funnel. When you determine your TA and decide how to attract it, you need a plan for collecting contact information. First, you need to direct customers to a landing page that encourages them to leave contact information for a bonus coupon or smth else. This way you will be able to track potential customers;
  • use the newsletter by email. When you start reaching out to potential customers, you need to take them from the lead stage to the buyer stage. So, one of the best ways to establish communication with customers is to send newsletters by email. We at Belkins use Foldery, an advanced and easy-to-use email delivery software. Thanks to Foldery, you can avoid blacklists and spam filters, which means that your letters reach the recipient.

How to maximize the number of leads?

Generate Leads

Generate Leads

Here are some tips on how to maximize the number of your leads:

  • increase the chances of finding you on the internet. You have to work hard to maximize the visibility of links to your web resource on search engines such as Google. You can do this by combining different marketing tactics, such as a request to the page on Google My Business or creating a mobile experience for your website;
  • use multiple internet marketing tactics at once. Combine different marketing tactics such as social media, local advertising, Google ads, etc. This approach helps you increase the flow of potential customers;
  • blog on your websit Having a regularly updated blog also helps in getting leads: as readers visit your site more often, they have more chances to become real customers;
  • make a good impression. If customers really like your business, they usually recommend your company to their friends and family. Therefore, ask your customers to leave reviews about your products or services on your website or social networks, because most potential buyers are influenced by opinions left by real users of the product/service.

Getting leads at trade shows

Potential clients can occasionally attend workshops and conferences relevant to your business niche. Therefore, you can try being a speaker.

Provide event attendees with interesting data that makes people want to contact you after your presentation. Thus, your further actions to promote potential customers along the sales funnel, including emails, will be more effective. By presenting yourself to an audience as a speaker, you show confidence, which generates a high level of trust in your company.

How Do You Become an Influencer?

To become an influencer, it’s useful to organize a webinar, offer a course of free lectures, etc. In general, do everything that indirectly or directly presents you to your TA as a high-qualified professional. Give people a reason to recommend listening to you. But don’t forget that your presentation needs to correspond to the focus of your business. Find out which questions are considered the most important at present to make your presentation as informative and attractive as possible.

Another powerful method of generating interest in your presentation is to network with the trade fair organizers. If your LinkedIn page is interesting, you can chat with the organizers there. Therefore, you will benefit from regularly publishing interesting thematic content on your profile.

Generate Sales Leads Through CTA Optimization

Call to action is one of the best ways to boost traffic and generate leads. The CTA should be concise and attractive if you want to force the visitor to contact you for a service or product.

It’s not enough to just place a CTA on your page and hope that everything works out on its own. You need to place your call to action where the potential customer can see it, but do not repeat it too often – that only annoys visitors.

For example, you can place this block on a floating bar. This way, your CTA will be always within sight and won’t annoy the visitor when they are scrolling through the site.


We showed you how to:

  • identify leads and turn them into buying customers;
  • get more leads;
  • attract an audience through exhibitions;
  • create an effective CTA.

However, if you want to entrust the lead generation process to professionals, you can always contact us at Belkins. Our specialists will select the correct lead generation method suitable for your business.