How to Build an Affiliate Marketing Email List in 2020



Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that provides guaranteed revenue and tons of benefits for your business to upscale. If you haven’t tried email marketing yet, then you’re missing a lot in digital marketing.  

With 4 billion and growing email users, email marketing is dominating the digital world when it comes to conversion rates. If you are an affiliate marketer and looking for a powerful method that can reach a massive number of potential customers at once, then email marketing is your best choice. 

Affiliate marketing via email is vital and has the best conversion rate from leads to sales. It’s as simple as sending an email to your subscriber’s list with an affiliate link. If the person clicks and buys on the link that you have provided, you’ll earn a commission from the affiliate program you’ve signed in. 

Why An Email List Is Essential

Your subscriber’s list targets clients who have an interest in the products and services that you offer. They are willing to read and purchase services or products that you promote. They subscribe to your newsletter because they are interested in what you provide. 

If you have a good following on your list, then you’ll have a higher number of people purchasing a product or service from an affiliate link provided in your email. 

Email lists are powerful tools with the guaranteed conversion rates when approached properly. These people are not just random website visitors but people who rely on the content and value you provide. 

Effective Ways On How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing

The email list allows you to connect with your target audience straight to their inboxes. These people are willing to read content coming from you, as long as you give something in return, value for their read, discounts, or promotions; they will stay and even purchase from the links that you provided for a particular product or service.

Here’s how to build your email list like a pro:

Step 1: Get An Email Provider

Building an email list is easy if you have the right tools and marketing plan. First, you can sign up for affiliate-friendly email autoresponders that send out emails to your subscribers and let them engage in quality content from you. These tools allow you to custom-fit visually appealing content, schedule when you want it to be sent, and automatically sends it out to all your subscribers. Moreover, different tools and services, such as email validator and the checker will maintain the high reputation of your email account by improving the delivery rate of your campaigns.

Step 2: Add and Optimize Optin Forms 

Let people sign up for your opt-in forms from the website. The opt-in form is a digital configuration where visitors provide their details, including email addresses, to be part of your newsletter list. 

Autoresponders typically provide widgets to embed into the website for users to sign up with. Optimizing these forms allows you to generate more subscribers and build a good follower from your email list. 

Step 3: Create Automated Emails

Creating an email marketing campaign is vital to the success of the affiliate program you’re promoting. You will need to send a series of emails on specific topics, providing information, and educating your email subscribers, thus enticing them about the products or services you promote. 

By introducing your site to your followers and welcoming them with valuable content, they’ll feel connected, and trust is built. You’ll save a lot of effort, time, and money by using email marketing. The messages automatically distribute based on your target scheduled plan and setup. 

Step 4: Provide High-Quality Contents

Ensure that you send high-quality and fantastic content for your subscribers to keep reading and opening emails coming from you. You are updating the target audience with interesting facts and developments.

Be sparing when it comes to promoting affiliate products. If you sound salesy, you might lose subscribers.

Step 5: Engage Your Followers

Keeping your email subscribers entertained should not stay as it is. Make your emails engaging and shareable with others and include a subscribe button in your emails for new potential followers.

Step 6: Include Exclusive Contents

One of the best strategies for new sign-ups is through exclusive content that can only be accessed when a user signs up for your email newsletter. 

Step 7: Market Affiliate Products or Services

Continue to provide engaging and informative posts while allowing your subscribers to participate and be heard. With consistency to what you provide, your subscribers will remember you and the services or products that you offer. Once you have built a solid 

foundation, you can start promoting your affiliate links from time to time. 

Best Practices For Affiliate Email Marketing

  • Use the first name of the email recipient in your greetings 
  • Avoid repeating yourself
  • Be consistent but don’t spam
  • Follow the rules and guidelines with affiliate programs


Building your email list for affiliate marketing is essential to your business. Once you have a substantial follower, these can be converted into sales with the right approach. Email marketing is a powerful tool suitable for digital marketing and has guaranteed ROI and stunning benefits to upscale your business.