The Future of Digital Marketing in 2021 – Check out Here

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The year 2020 is all set to say goodbye to all of us and in the year 2021, there will be a lot of changes in the world of the Internet. Talking about a digital marketing company, we need to keep ourselves updated with all the market trends so that we can get and deliver the best results to our clients. With ever-evolving time, digital marketing strategies also change. In the generation of Instagram, and other hyper-active platforms, it becomes pivotal to prepare strategies in advance. On this note, we will have a look at what the future of digital marketing will look like in 2021. 

Short-Form Videos: They will rule the Internet

Being a digital marketing company, one can’t neglect the importance of video content and when it comes to short-form video, the demand and consumption are on the way too high levels. The year 2021 will be super focused on micro-videos. As the attention span of the users is dropping day by day, to convey the message, short-form videos will be the key. 

Netizen’s apathy levels have developed while many have already switched to short-form video platforms for entertainment. One such instrumental example is TikTok and Instagram Reels is also creating a lot of high buzz among the people. 

Given the increase in social media use for all ages, CMOs will need to allocate more budget to these platforms. In Q2 of 2020, social media was the occupant of almost 25% of total marketing funds, a rise of 13% from 2019. 

Marketers should consider these platforms to target younger buyers and they must put more money in their short-form video plan and execution. TikTok for Business started earlier this year and is set to increase its paid Ads and promotions options in 2021. In simple terms, the world is shifting towards short videos, and the digital marketing strategy should also shift. 

User Privacy Protections

From the past couple of years, users are getting more concerned about their online privacy and how they interact with the data and online services. A Digital Marketing Company’s focus must be on securing their customer’s data and only after that they will feel more confident in interacting with services or products. 

In the year 2020, the integration of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) derived that companies advertising on Facebook felt a sudden failure to target the millions of customers in California, which created destruction on their ad strategies and ROI. 

The CCPA, which restricts how brands are admitted to managing the personal data of customers in California, shows thriving nationwide attention for user privacy protection. Almost 86% of customers are concerned about their data privacy, with baby boomers and Gen X being the least trusting. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act, alongside the General Data Privacy Regulation, could work as a plan for other countries to establish digital privacy laws in the next year. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS 14 announcement privacy feature, which will prevent the automatic background gathering of data used for personalized ad tracking, is now delayed to 2021. To win digital marketing in 2021, companies need to focus more on privacy and user data.

Automation is here to stay and grow

Now both companies and customers need automation to make their daily life and marketing campaigns easier to handle. The 2021 year will see a lot of automation happening here and there both in product and service-based companies. 

With digital marketing technology evolving in elegance, it should come as no shock that we’ll observe marketing automation grow as a significant industry parameter. The consumer journey mapping is so active and dynamic, with multiple and literally uncountable touch points across various devices, consisting of advanced attribution patterns is the only way to foretell results and measure ROI accurately. Over time, as a company expands, it’ll be nearly difficult to track these data sets manually. 

This is where a marketing automation solution will help a digital marketing company. As per some reports, 68% of marketing managers already utilize marketing solutions like Wicked Reports marketing attribution software and other advanced tools. Though marketing automation tools are present between us for years, developers frequently release new digital abilities. In 2021, this trend will further develop, allowing managers to better convert leads, create personalized content, and track outcomes. One thing to keep in mind is that marketing automation will be the only method to do digital marketing efficiently in 2021 and ahead. 

Higher personalization is the golden secret

Personalization is not new for a digital marketing company but the weight of this term will grow even more in 2021. The research found that despite public concerns about customer privacy, 72% of customers will only interact with personalized marketing. 

Buyers are ignoring and unsubscribing from mass-shooted email campaigns while engaging with attractive web pages over generic ones. In 2021, marketers will need to personalize customer interactions and experiences based on their decisions, interests, and style. 

One way to build appealing, personalized interactions without using dozens of tools or hiring designers is to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. As voice searches and quick snippet results are quite favorite among the audience, you should focus on voice-optimized content which is personalized as per the end-user. 

In 2021, a large set of people will totally shift to voice search and your product or content needs to be aligned with their voice searches. With more home assistance devices coming into people’s houses, the content strategy needs to be seen from the perspective of the user’s quick intent of getting a solution. More interactive content with a ton of interactive tone will work well in the upcoming time as the search engines can directly pick questions from the content and show in the results. 

AR & VR taking mainstream positions 

Artificial intelligence has been developing at a higher potential in the world of digital retailing for quite a while now, but we’re continuing to see major leaps in what this technology is able to do over the next few years.

Chatbots will grow as a customer service model and start succeeding live operators more and more often as machine learning programs grow more efficiently and are able to follow human beings with almost similar response time and accuracy.

Marketing is growing more interactive and personalized and chatbots allow you to take benefit of this trend without extra pressure on your manpower and resources.

AI is also being used in multiple forms of advertisement for a while now and it will grow in the upcoming year. While it hasn’t quite reached human levels of accuracy and creativity, some companies are already leading the way and running ads powered by AI to optimize their budget and overall campaign by identifying the best-performing ad designs. 

Once the algorithm finds the most amazingly performing copy, it replaces the older one. So for a digital marketing company, it is also crucial to start taking Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seriously as a part of a marketing campaign. 

These were the top digital marketing trends that will rule in the year 2021. It’s better to start preparing for them from now and take a leap in the market. Take help from a good digital marketing company and know what fits the best for your business.